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By Timothea Bradley

January 8, 2022



10 Tips For Keeping a Balance Between Life and Nursing Work

It turns out that nurses are the most popular and wanted professionals in the whole healthcare industry. Nurses have a very important job that not every person can handle. Sometimes, nurses can’t even keep the balance between life and work. As a result, it burns them out. 

But there is a way to distance yourself from your everyday work. The tips below will help you to balance your work and life so that you won’t burn out. You can get the needed rest while you finish work, and it won’t affect your life.

Tips for balancing life and nursing work.

Deal with Conflicts Immediately

It might surprise you, but dealing with conflicts right away is a great way to clear your mind when you are at work or home. For example, something happened at work, and instead of solving the conflict, you go home and keep thinking about how to solve it. The best idea is to deal with the conflict immediately. Whether it’s a conflict with a friend at home or a work conflict, it won’t let you relax or focus on work.

Accept Certain Things

Nursing is a difficult job since it requires some level of empathy. You need to accept the fact that certain things can’t be changed. You don’t have to think about certain things or situations all the time since it impacts your well-being. If you keep thinking about different situations that you can’t change, it will burn you out. Accept that you can’t change everything. It’s normal, and don’t let these thoughts bug you.

Define Your Life Goals

Yes, you are a nurse, and you want to help people. But is it the main life goal? You aren’t just a nurse; you are also someone else. For example, you can be a parent or a child, a wife or a husband; you could be someone’s friend, loved one, etc. Figure out what you want to achieve in life so you can find peace and move towards accomplishing your goals and finding your place in life.

Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of people underestimate the role of a healthy lifestyle on their mental health. There is even a saying – a sound mind in a sound body. It’s extremely important to lead a healthy lifestyle to make sure you feel good. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or stick to a strict diet to achieve great results. Just make sure you have time to do some exercise, even walking in a park works. And eat healthy and nutritious food.

Make It Simple

When a habit is too complicated, we drop it. But when we can’t leave something, it annoys us and makes us feel bad. If your work life is too complicated, then you should simplify it. For example, download and install all the necessary apps that you need to communicate with your patients. It’s sometimes easier to message someone or reply than have a phone call. Same with everyday life, make it simpler, so it won’t make you feel exhausted.

Time Management

It could be difficult to manage time at work and your personal life partially because it requires some sort of a schedule. If you don’t have a schedule to which you stick, it could easily burn you out. For example, show sympathy to your patients, but don’t spend all of your work time with just that 1 patient when you have others. Otherwise, you will have to use your free time to take care of other patients. Time management is very important, so try working on a schedule.

Develop Bonds

Bonding with your family members, friends, or partner is a step towards healthy relationships. The nursing job might take away some time that you spend with your loved ones. Make sure to set time when you spend time with people you care about. No job or other things should take away from you these moments.


When your body is stronger, your mental health is also stronger. When you have a break, you can go on a walk. You may even go to a cafe to have a meal rather than drive in there. If the hospital has a gym, then you could consider using it. It would be very beneficial for you.

Take Breaks

You can’t help someone if you won’t take care of your needs in the first place. Make sure to have breaks in between visiting your patients. They don’t have to be too long, they should be sufficient for you to take care of your needs and have rest. Taking breaks makes sure you are in shape to help other people. 

Get Enough Rest and Sleep

Sleep and rest are two basic needs of every human being. Without satisfying them, you can’t help anyone. You will be the one needing help if lack of rest and sleep develops into depression, insomnia, or some other illnesses. 

Also, try to stick to positive moments in your life. Even if you have a conflict with someone, or you had an argument, don’t let negativity bug you. Try calling positive moments of the day. For example, you saw a happy mother who just had her newborn. 

There is always more positivity than negativity in life, but people choose to remember negative moments. Be one of those individuals who go through positive moments of the day rather than negative situations.

We hope you found these tips for keeping a balance between life and nursing work. Do you have any ways you find balance between your personal life and work life? Comment them below.

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