What Fall Assignment Will Travel RN’s Look at?

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By Go Healthcare Staffing

September 29, 2020



What Are Travel RN’s Going to Look at this Fall/Winter?

This article was provided by Go Healthcare.

Usually, during fall, a large group of Travel RNs starts looking at their next assignment in warm climates such as Florida or Arizona.  BUT welcome to 2020 where nothing is the norm. 

Your fall assignment?

With the Virus not under control yet and a vaccine still unknown, picking your next assignment will leave you with many choices if you are part of the in-demand specialties.  Some but not all include ICU, TELE, and Med Surg to name a few.  Typically we have the mass migration of snowbirds, which is our oldest and most cared for a population when it comes to healthcare.  Now?  A lot are opting to stay put due to the Virus.

So what does this mean? 

If you add in the pending flu season with the Virus and states opening, this is a recipe for a large demand for healthcare professionals.  So travel nurses who usually go South may want to step back and look at their options.  Pay levels have increased across the states (minus Covid care which has subsided if you contracted the Virus on assignment).  The demand for certain specialties will reach an all-time high over the next few months even with a vaccine due to the rollout and people’s insecurity about taking a vaccine until proven 100% safe.  Travel RNs will have the opportunity of these options: to take an assignment where they could be near family for the holidays, receive better pay at a non-traditional winter location, or still choose to go to warmer climates.

This is a time when nothing is normal.  

Travel Nursing is no exception.  Be smart about your decision-making and do your homework.  More money does not always mean a great working environment.  Nor does warmer weather!

Have you started looking at your next assignment? Does it differ this year? Comment below.

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