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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

February 11, 2018



Ask A Travel Nurse: Contract Cancellation?

Contract Cancellation:


One of my big concerns is the possibility of contract cancellation. From your experience, how often does this happen? How does the Travel Nurse respond to the event? I would appreciate your insights on this issue.


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There is always the possibility of a canceled contract. I’ve had this happen on several occasions.  Once before I even left and once during the contract.  This is one reason why it’s important to have a good savings cushion in place before traveling.  Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to cancellations is your company.  If you work with a good/reputable agency, they should be able to find you another position quickly should a contract be canceled.

Here is some practical advice on how to handle a canceled contract and the possible implications: My Contract Was Cancelled…Now What? 
I hope that this helps to answer your questions.

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Have you had a contract cancelled as a travel nurse? How did you handle it, what did you do? Comment your tips below.

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