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October 3, 2019



8 Tips To Memorialize Past Travel Nurse Assignments

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One of the exciting benefits being a travel nurse is that you can work all over the country. It truly is something unique that most careers don’t offer. There are so many amazing places you can work and experiences you’re going to want to remember for years to come. But how? Check out our list of 8 ways to memorialize past travel nurse assignments.

8 Tips To Memorialize Past Travel Nurse Assignments

Create a Memory Box.

This is fun and simple idea to memorialize your past assignments. Find a box, something not too big or too small, and fill it with interesting items and mementos of your travel assignment. If you are a creative type, decorate the outside of the box with pictures or other renderings that tie directly to the location.

Send a Postcard To Yourself.

Postcards never go out of style. Choose a few of your favorite travel destinations and mail them to your permanent address. Then when you get home you will have a stack of postcards and be able to take a fun trip down memory road.

Capture The Event With Photos of Videos

Take Photos.

Photos are a great and easy way to capture your experiences while on your travel nurse assignment. They are also easy to share with your friends and family on social media, email, or text.

Use Video.

Since most people have smartphones these days, you are always walking around with a video recording device with you. Videos are fun ways to memorialize your assignments. If you want to be fancy, you can even add some fun videos or animations.

Get Creative

Create an Album.

With all those photos you took, put together a fun print or digital photo album. Photo albums are fun projects and allow you to customize all aspects of your fun adventures.

Keep A Journal.

No matter how much technology has changed our lives, many of us still prefer to memorialize adventures in analogue formats. Writing down your travel nursing adventures in a journal is a wonderfully personal way to capture those memories.

Create a Scrapbook. 

This is one of those fun things that takes most people back to their childhoods. While scrapbooks can be done digital, there’s nothing like busting out the paper, glue and scissors and create a scrapbook of all your fun adventures.

Bring Home Something Unique

Collect Something Unique From Each Location.

There will be no shortage of opportunities to buy or find something during your travel nurse assignments. But try to find something that is unique and special to each location. Could be a souvenir, a mug, rock, whatever. Just make it unique.

We hope you find these tips helpful while trying to memorialize your past travel nurse assignments. Do you have other ways you memorialize your assignments? Comment them below. Also, check out Top Items to Collect While Traveling That Don’t Take Up Space for items you can buy while on assignment!

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