5 Travel Nurse Benefits Over Full-Time Perm Nurse

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By Host Healthcare

July 23, 2019



5 Travel Nurse Benefits Over Full-Time Perm Nurse

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As the population ages, the demand for nurses will continue to rise. Nurses need to decide between travel vs perm with many nurses choosing travel. There are several benefits and levels of enjoyment of being a travel nurse. In this article we will outline 5 travel nurse benefits over full-time permanent nurse.

5 Travel Nurse Benefits Over Full-Time Perm Nurse

“There are several benefits of being a travel nurse,” says Host Healthcare recruiter Kaylan Duffy. “When I speak with travelers, they share a variety of reasons why they became a travel nurse.”

1. Take an assignment anywhere.

Whether you want to work in the city or in a small town; or where it’s warm or cold, you can work anywhere as a travel nurse. You can work coast to coast, from California to Maine.

2. Gain more experiences.

Working in several locations allows you to gain more experiences than perm nurses who work in one location. You will gain much more experience as you learn from other doctors and nurses.

3. Meet more people.

When you work in different locations, you will meet plenty of people; both personally and professionally. These relationships can become ones that last your entire life.

4. Adapt to change.

Being a travel nurse builds confidence. You develop important skills and important qualities by building resilience and change stamina as you adapt to new environments.

5. Make more money.

As a travel nurse, you can make between 10 – 30% more than perm nurses depending on your assignment. There are also all the other ways you can make more money as a travel nurse by getting your license and travel reimbursed.

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