5 Signs of a Great Travel Nursing Agency: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Jessica Smith

April 2, 2020



5 Signs of a Great Travel Nursing Agency

Are you having trouble looking for the best travel nursing agency? Apart from assessment skills, experience, and intuition in the field of nursing, discovering the right nursing agency for yourself needs some proper analysis. If you aspire to take up a nursing career on the road, you must consider a few signs.  Nurse staffing is a highly demanding profession, and it needs proper care and responsibility, to a great extent.

Before choosing the right nursing agency for yourself, you must keep in mind certain liabilities and be skeptical about the agencies you look for. The following are the top characteristics that make for a great travel nursing agency

1. Does the agency provide Variety in Travel Nursing Jobs?

As an aspiring travel nurse, you must make sure the company or agency you want to work for has contracts. More contracts will help you to get an excellent job as a travel nurse. A good company should be able to offer you contracts, ranging from 4 weeks to about 26 weeks; the most basic arrangement is a contract of 13 weeks. Make an inquiry in the company, about how many contracts are available. 

You may be a Registered nurse specializing in running and analyzing diagnostics tests, or a Licensed practical nurse specializing in no-fear dentistry, and a great travel agency should be able to provide you with a suitable job.

The agency should provide you with a wide range of assignments, as per your specialty, and should give you a scope to push yourself professionally.

2. Will the agency give you Comprehensive Benefits?

The best nursing agencies will offer you lots of benefits like medical insurance options, free housing facilities, life insurance, and expenses for traveling, insurance of liability, free courses for education, retirement perks, and more. Be sure to ask your company if they can offer contracts that offer definite hours. Whether the company will pay your fees of licensing and housing facilities if you are trying to apply for work in some other state and how much of the benefits will cover you.

You will also need to have a fair idea about the agency’s support system. Ask them if they can provide you with clinical connections and stall that’ll assist you when you face problems.

3. Does the agency Provide Longevity and Expertise?

There is a lot of competition in the field of travel nursing in today’s world. A right travel nursing agency is one that has survived and received success in the market. If the recruitment staff of an agency has continued to work for the company for an extended period, it is a sign that the agency is a good one. A right agency is one that will document your specialties, location preferences, and interests, and anticipate suitable jobs for you. Don’t be hesitant to ask them about their experience in the industry. Ask them questions regarding their agency, if you have any doubts. Check their profile on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to know about their company.

4. Are your Recruiters Friendly & Helpful?

You will know an agency is right when you hear positive reviews about it from nurses who have already been working for some time, not just about the bonus and comprehensive benefits but also about the good experiences you can gather from the agency. Your recruiter is one of the essential elements of the right nursing agency. Establishing a good relationship with your recruiter is a crucial part of a successful travel nursing career. As a fresher, it is your recruiter who will guide you in your assignments. Your recruiter will pave the way for the right jobs for you. You must not shy away from inquiring about your recruiter about the agency and your work. Your recruiter will give you valuable information that will help you to establish an idea about that agency. 

5. Is the agency Right for You?

Finally, you must select a company where you will feel comfortable, safe, and at home. It is the responsibility of your recruits to make you feel comfortable. Select a company that you will be able to trust and where you will get good placements. Your company should be able to fulfill the goals that you have in mind to become an excellent travel nurse. If, after all the inquiry, you find something fishy or not right about the agency, back out immediately.

Communication is vital, especially if you are new to your job. Your agency must also assure you that you will be able to contact your team or recruiter ASAP, in case of a problem or emergency.

The right agency will pave the way

If your agency passes these five tests, then you can easily consider it as a great travel nursing agency, right away! The right agency will pave the way for your goal to serve people and bridge the gap between healthcare and people. With the proper guidance from helpful and friendly recruiters and comprehensive benefits, you will not only be able to have your dream job but also get the best benefits. So, get going!

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