4 Common Mistakes that Travel Nurses Make While on Assignment

By Amber Pickler

April 19, 2019



4 Common Mistakes that Travel Nurses Make

Travel nursing requires you to adapt frequently and quickly.  Your contracts last 13 weeks and you move on.  Along the way you can and will make mistakes.   These mistakes aren’t ones that could potentially harm your patients, but they are ones that can sometimes affect your contract and the way your co-workers treat you.   We recently asked our Facebook network members what the most common mistakes travel nurses make.  They voted on the following mistakes as the most common mistakes that Travel Nurses make.

Saying “Well, at this other hospital we did it this way, not your way”

Just because you did it a certain way at other hospitals doesn’t mean that is necessarily the norm for every facility.  Many facilities have their own way of doing things that they feel are the most safe and efficient way.    Even if you feel the way you did it at another facility is more efficient or you prefer that way, it is best to keep that to yourself.  The staff nurses do it the way they have been trained to and aren’t really interested in hearing how it is done at other places.

Talking about how bad the hospital is constantly

It seems obvious, but sometimes we just get annoyed and things slip out.  Even if you don’t like the hospital or if you have been to much better facilities, saying so isn’t going to go over well.  The staff at the facility may not have any experience at any other facility, to them the facility may be great.  And even if they don’t believe this, hearing someone who is a contract employee coming in and talking bad about the facility isn’t going to make them happy.

Getting Lost

We have all gotten lost going somewhere new.  Make sure you know your route ahead of time.  Also, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.  That way if you do run into issues or you do end up lost you don’t risk missing your first day of your new assignment. Getting lost seems like it shouldn’t be an issue with GPS at our fingertips. However sometimes GPS can mislead us, or we run into traffic situations that we must reroute our trip.  This could in turn make for a longer than anticipated trip or getting lost.

Not communicating issues with your recruiter

If you are having problems with your assignment or the facility, it is very important to make these things known to your recruiter.   They aren’t going to know that there are issues if you don’t tell them.  They will probably assume things are going great for you.  Keeping the lines of communication between you and your recruiter is very important.  Communication with your recruiter is important even if there aren’t problems. But it is especially important if you are having problems.  They need to know what issues you are having, otherwise they can’t help you fix them.

There are probably other mistakes that are made by travel nurses. These were the main ones that were mentioned in our Facebook group.  These mistakes really are easy to avoid.  Avoiding these common mistakes can and will make your next assignment go a lot smoother for you.

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