Is Travel Nursing Right for You? Tips to Know If It's For You


By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 15, 2020



Is Travel Nursing Right for You?

If you’re an adventurous person, you may be interested in Travel Nursing. But is travel nursing right for you? There are many reasons people travel or combinations of reasons. Some people see the need for change to feel alive and see Travel Nursing as a chance to do that. You should remember that every decision has pros and cons.

When I made the decision to start Travel Nursing, I didn’t do it because I was unhappy with my job.

I was working home health care for local hospital-based home health and actually liked what I did. I worked PRN and picked up full-time hours (plus some most weeks). I was working 12 hour days every day and driving all over Southern Indiana, and truly enjoying myself and my patients. I decided because I was unhappy with my personal life. I felt stuck, stagnant, and needed a change of scenery.

Is travel nursing right for you

When I decided to take the first travel assignment, I set up an appointment with my supervisor. I was well-liked by the staff (which may have been an advantage for me). I explained what I was considering and requested a Leave of Absence as a backup if I wanted to come back. My manager secretly hoped that I would fail in this adventure and went above and beyond to get my leave granted.

Many hospitals offer the option of a leave of absence.

Some Managers welcome you back with open arms but don’t expect it everywhere in reality. In my case, it was obvious I was going into Travel Nursing because I had been talking about it for years. Some places will do an LOA, but you are not guaranteed the same job.

“There are always going to be bad contracts, bad hospitals and bad situations.”

– The Gypsy Nurse

I have already discussed some of the Myths of Travel Nursing. If you haven’t read it, I suggest that you take a few minutes and review it.

Travel nursing can be a tough as well as a rewarding career. I’ve found that the nurses that explore travel nursing either love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be much in the middle ground.

Is travel nursing right for you?

The most important thing is to make certain that you go into Travel Nursing armed with as much information as possible beforehand. You can explore several internet forums, and I read them for about a year before taking my first contract; I suggest that you do the same.

There are always going to be bad contracts, bad hospitals, and bad situations. Armed with the knowledge, you will be better able to handle these hurdles. Over the coming weeks, I plan to cover some of the most common issues or problems among travel nurses.   If you’re interested in more information, check out our F.A.Q.’s

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