How did I get so much stuff? – Ideas to organize memories

How did I get so much stuff? – Ideas to organize memories


 Travel Nursing – Organize Memories in unique ways

If you are like me than you collect mementos, pictures, and other things from your assignments.

Circle Journey The Gypsy Nurse
Where is the Circle Journey?

After a few contracts you can see the littlest things start to pile up, and we all know we try to pack as lightly as possible in our mobile lifestyle! But, we just can’t seem to stop ourselves from picking up those little mementos that remind us of our assignment. If you are a member of the Travel Nurse Network, sponsored by The Gypsy Nurse™, then you know all about the Circle Journey!

The Circle Journey is a collaborative effort to create a beautifully unique memory book of the journeys of all of our fellow travelers. You can read more about the Circle Journey here!

So that got us thinking here at The Gypsy Nurse, and we wanted to know from our Facebook group members, how they remembered each assignment, or location. It was great hearing about all the different ways that our travelers remember where they have been!

  • Marie, Debra and Lori Anne, along with our own Ambassador Patricia buy Pandora charms to
    State Magnets
    State Magnets

    commemorate and remember their adventures!

  • Michael, Lynn and Nicola like to collect refrigerator magnets from each location! (We think that is a great idea too!)



Books, Books, Books Galore!

We thought a great suggestion to organize memories was to create a book! Not just any book, but a memory book of sorts, which incorporates the pictures from a specific assignment.

photo book organize memories
Great way to organize memories

A search of the internet for photo books gave us an assortment of sites where you can create your own custom photo book of memories! Create a nice cover, and organize the pages with not only pictures, but also little notes about the picture! What a great idea! With thumb drives (usb drives) or memory cards being so inexpensive now, they are a great way to keep those remaining pictures! Some of our Network members suggested Shutterfly, Mixbook, Snapfish and even Walgreens for economical solutions to creative those custom photo memory books.

Other great ways to remember an assignment, or location is buy a T-shirt, a shot glass. What about create a collage? But wait for it- in the shape of the STATE! That is pretty creative! Another unique, and creative way to organize those memories is to not just buy a T-shirt, but after you have accumulated an assortment, turn them into a quilt.

If you travel to coastal locations for vacation or work assignments how about collecting some beach sand with some seashells and create a shadow box? Amazon has some great prices on empty shadow boxes that you can really get creative with! Throw in a picture of a pier or sunset that you took (as the background for the box), add the sand across the bottom of the shadow box, and scatter some seashells along your “beach”. Print or hand write a label with the location and date and tada! You have just created a unique piece for your home decor, that also reminds you of your time at that assignment. Shadow boxes can be created for each assignment, not just beach or coastal locations! A great site for suggestions is CraftsUnleashed, where they turn little shadow boxes into refrigerator magnets.

With so many great ideas on how to store, display or organize memories from all your wonderful #GypsyNurse travels, there is no need to store those things in a box, out of sight. Display them, be proud and share those adventures with your visitors! We bet they are going to be great conversation starters!

We would love to see what you create from your memories! Share them with us by submitting them to The Gypsy Nurse™! We might choose your crafty idea on our website or one of our Facebook groups!

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