Top 10 Things a Travel Nurse should NEVER Say

Top 10 Things a Travel Nurse should NEVER Say

Travel nurse should never say

Part of being successful is not to ‘burn bridges’ along the way.  If you have ever worked with Travel Nurses, you have certainly come across the one that is always bragging and making crazy wild statements that make you want to roll your eyes in frustration.  This is the thought behind my Top 10 things that a travel nurse should NEVER say on the job.

10. I NEVER work the Holidays

If you want the staff to hate you, go ahead and let them know that you haven’t had to work a Christmas in the past x number of years.  As the holidays approach, be extra cautious of this.

9.  I get to take as many Vacations as I want and for as long as I want.

This is never something that a staff nurse wants to hear about.  They are generally lucky to get two weeks vacation a year and if they are telling you where they are going on their next vacation, they certainly won’t want to hear that you get an optional vacation every 13 weeks!

8.  The nurses at __________ were awesome/horrible/etc.

If you’re discussing the individual staff members at another hospital in a negative aspect, don’t be surprised if the staff stays away.  If you are chatting about someone else’s poor work ethic, poor performance or whatever…they will think that you will talk about them as well at your next location.  If you are chatting up a particular hospital or nurse, they will become jealous and feel inadequate.  It’s best just to keep these thoughts to yourself.

7.  I can’t wait for this job to be finished.

Remember who you are talking to.  The full-time staff may feel trapped in the job and you bragging about being able to leave soon will only make them resentful.

6. I can’t imagine how you live (in this dirty city/in this small town) all the time.

Small town living might not be your cup of tea as city living could be the furthest from ‘fun’ in my book.  Putting down the area is never advised.

5. That supervisor/nurse/cna/Doctor is _______ (any negative comment).

That nurse, supervisor, doctor or CNA that you’re bad-mouthing may be someones friend, significant other or family member.  Best to keep these thoughts to yourself!

4. My life is so great.  I’ve been to ___ # of cities and I get to travel all the time.

I know that you love your job as a travel nurse and if you’re asked this is different.  Realize that some of the staff nurses that you work with ‘dream’ of living the life that you have…don’t rub it in.

3. Your accent is _________  (funny, disturbing, silly, etc).  All people in the south are __________ (hicks, hillbillies, etc).

Avoid degrading any local dialects, customs, stereo-types. We travel (hopefully) for the experiences that travel affords us.  Enjoy the differences and accept them.

2.  At ____ hospital, they do it better/different.

No one wants to hear about how their hospital lacks or is behind times when it comes to equipment or procedures.

1.  I Make $100/hour or some other ridiculously exorbitant amount.

This is the thing that I most see travel nurses brag about.  This will only hurt you.  If the staff believes that you are making double what they are making…believe me, they will make sure that you work for it by assigning you the most difficult patients.

My mother used to tell me “If you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all.”  Follow these words of wisdom and you will leave the contract without burned bridges.

Is there something that you have heard a travel nurse brag or complain about?  List it in the comments!!


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