Famous Tourist Spots For Travel RNs to Visit in Middle America

Famous Tourist Spots For Travel RNs to Visit in Middle America


Most Famous Tourist Spots In Middle America

Middle AmericaAs a travel RN, you want to visit the most popular places around the world and some those places include outside the United States, but the lack of experience makes it challenging to choose which places to give priority. In Middle America, there are many places you could travel to that are ranked highly and most experts including D. Scott Carruthers have rated these spots as some of the most interesting destinations.

Scott Carruthers is a travel enthusiast who has also worked as a travel nurse for various companies, offering vital information to travelers and guiding those looking to learn more about different destinations. He today shares information about some of the most famous spots you should travel to in Middle America.

Tikal and Copan
Located in Guatemala, Tikal and Copan are ancient cities that were used by the Maya people during early civilizations in the region. The ruins date as far back as 700 BC and while around the region there are many ruins, Tikal and Copan stand out as they have remained intact for centuries. You will enjoy visiting the Great Plaza, which is an impressive structure that stands between the ceremonial buildings and lavish ancient dwellings. The ancient people of Maya are known to have been lovers of ball games, and this is a historical cue that will give you a chance to learn more about the development of various sporting activities around the region.

Also in the Maya ruins is the Xunantunich, which are located at the top of a ridge on the Mopan River. The ruins are believed to date back to the 900 BC. They include dark structures that sit against the blue skies, which makes the spot an ideal photo-shooting location. Visitors are advised to wear stable walking shoes and carry lots of water. If you want to explore all these regions for a longer duration, you could sign up for a travel nurse job, something that will also enhance your understanding of the spots.

Flores is in northern Guatemala and the island town is strategically situated in Lake Peten Itza. It was once home to Maya Indians and despite having transformed its architecture to assume a modern appeal, there is a lot of history to learn. You will get an opportunity to discover the charming old town and there are many activities you could engage in while around the lake including sailing. There are shops and modern restaurants as well as Spanish colonial churches.

Known for its carefully preserved Spanish colonial architecture, Antigua city is among Middle America spots that are adored by tourists. The city was established in 1524, but following a tragic fire accident and earthquakes, it was destroyed over the years, leaving a handful of structures still intact. It serves as a key center where visitors can learn the Spanish language, not forgetting there is an abundance of beautiful sights including historical churches and landmarks like the Santa Catanina Arch. Under a travel RN assignment, you are allowed to explore these locations deeper and this gives you good exposure to also guide others whenever they visit.

About the Author: D Scott Carruthers has been traveling his whole life. He also loves the paleo lifestyle. His content can be found at dscottcarrutherstravel.com


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