Can Travel Nurses Bring their Family on an Assignment?

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By AMN Healthcare

October 30, 2019



Can Travel Nurses Bring their Family on an Assignment?

Traveling nurses often wonder if they can bring their loved ones on their assignment.

The answer is yes! 

NursesRx allows nurses the opportunity to bring their families and pets while on travel nursing assignments. That’s right, pets are welcome too.

It is important to be around family during the holidays, and travel nurse agencies want you to feel at home while away anytime during the year, no matter the season. Travel nursing with family is guaranteed to provide unique opportunities and memories, such as meeting different people around the country and experiencing historical sites in person. Traveling opens the doors to much more than a new facility—it allows nurses to experience completely different environments and use new technology to advance their careers.

Travel nursing can be filled with unforgettable experiences for travelers and their families. To begin, complete an online application to discuss high-paying travel nursing jobs with a recruiter.

Tips for Bringing Family on a Travel Assignment – there really aren’t any tips in this section

Who doesn’t want to share the traveling experience with a loved one? Travel nurses can bring their family on an assignment with them for an adventure across the U.S! There are a few tips to make any travel nurse’s planning process easier.

  1. Recruiters urge all travel nurses to inform their recruiter as soon as possible to bring their family along. This allows recruiters to help accommodate the family’s needs. 
  2. Be open-minded to trying new things and meeting new people along the way.
  3. Network with other travel nurses because you could always end up going to a different facility together.
  4. Always keep any medical records and basic certifications up to date to speed along the submission process for an assignment.
  5.  Travel nurse companies encourage travelers to explore new surroundings on their days off! Travelers never know what kind of hidden gems can be found around their travel assignment location.

It is a priority to relieve any traveling stress for nurses to provide high-quality patient care every day. 

Read travel nurse Sharon Victoria-Cain’s story, as she was able to take an amazing travel assignment in California with her husband.

If you are a new traveler or looking into becoming a Travel Nurse:

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