Family: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Travel nursing is a great opportunity to see the world while doing the job you love. But, what do you do if you have a family? Find many great articles on how to make it work and tips for traveling with a family.
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Travel Nursing With a Partner: 3 Tips to Make it Work
This year marks our 2nd year of travel nursing together, and we have learned so much about ourselves and each other on this wild journey. We have gotten asked a ...
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8 Job Ideas for the Travel Nurse Spouse
How do Travel Nurse Spouses find Jobs? One of our Gypsy Nurse Network Group members asks; “My significant other would like to travel with me, but he would like to ...
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9 Tips for Travel Nursing While Pregnant
The period of time when a woman is pregnant is very unique and important. It brings challenges and new worries, but the joy is great. However, some women may have ...
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Top Tips for Travel Nursing with a Family
So, your next travel contract is set, and your family is joining. Whether this means that you have a spouse with you for the trip or you are traveling with ...
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Traveling Without Your Kids: Can It Be Done?
Most nurses believe the only way to start traveling is to be childless or have adult children. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Back when I traveled before ...
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Why Family Vacation Is a Must in a Travel Nurse’s Life
Being a travel nurse is an amazing career. It offers many perks like competitive pay, the ability to travel and explore new places, help people all around the world, etc. ...
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Enjoy Travel Assignments Solo, in Pairs, and in Families
Advantis Medical Staffing provided this article. After money, adventure is one of the most sought-after benefits of being a travel nurse. The chance to explore new destinations for long enough ...
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Travel Nursing While Pregnant: Ways To Protect Your Baby
Being a travel nurse is a demanding job, but adding in pregnancy makes it even more complex. While you should exercise caution when you are a pregnant travel nurse, your ...
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How Do You Get Healthcare on the Road?
As we all know, health insurance is a blast. Thinking about things like insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket max, and GAP exceptions just warm the heart. It’s a trigger word ...
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