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Travel nursing is a great opportunity to see the world while doing the job you love. But, what do you do if you have a family? Find many great articles on how to make it work and tips for traveling with a family.

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Helping Our Kids Learn From Home: How To Build Problem Solving Skills
Most education systems are built around facts, formulas, and functions. Kids are taught to memorize tons of content, but they aren’t adequately prepared to tackle real-life challenges using the knowledge ...
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Guest Article: Preparing our family for travel – Sarah Owens, RN
With so many travel nurses posting questions about how you travel with your family, kids, pets, etc., we thought this would be a great guest article to post and give ...
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Childcare Resources for Travel Nurses: How Can the Nation Protect Those Who Protect Us?
This article provided by Cross Country Healthcare. The whole world is aware that our healthcare providers — doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and more – are currently on the front lines ...
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Best Seaside Countries to Visit with a Toddler this Winter
Traveling with a kid is one thing, but doing it with a toddler is a whole other experience and most of the parent can confirm. After you managed to survive ...
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How Do Travel Nurses Travel with Family?
This article provided by: TaleMed Can Travel Nurses Bring Their Families on Assignments? Travel nurses are sometimes faced with a hard choice — work or family? Maybe you started traveling ...
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Frequently Asked Friday: Tips for Traveling with Children
We frequently see questions about traveling with children in our Facebook group. So, we have taken some of the most common answers and put together this article with tips for ...
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Can Travel Nurses Bring their Family on an Assignment?
Traveling nurses often wonder if they can bring their loved ones on their assignment. The answer is yes!  NursesRx allows nurses the opportunity to bring their families and pets while ...
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Travel Nursing With a Spouse
Many new travel nurses are looking for someone to travel with. The fear of loneliness is a large factor in this mindset.  Travel nursing with a spouse, a friend, or another ...
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Griswold Family Guide to Travel Nursing
This article is provided by Gifted Healthcare Travel nursing allows us to experience the freedom of living on the road. That sounds so liberating until you add a stroller that ...
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