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Join us for a fantastic week of travel nurse excitement from the comfort of your own computer! The Gypsy Nurse Team has an action-packed virtual agenda planned for you April 19-23. 15 live-streamed events (3 sessions daily with convenient morning, afternoon and evening times) designed to inform, inspire and entertain. Learn everything from how to effectively combat dreaded “nursing bullies” in the workplace from the nation’s leading confidence expert to tips for traveling with your furry pet friends. See how to take professional-looking travel pictures while on assignment or how to compare comp packages from different agencies. We’ll even have a TV star – The Food Network’s “Chopped” champion travel nurse Lorraine Wheeler will provide tips for cooking on the road! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and laugh with travel nursing’s best. All events are FREE and we’ll have great prizes for some lucky attendees.


Monday | 04/19/2021 | Sponsored by AMN Healthcare


9:00 am est | Using Brain Science to Confidently Combat Nursing Bullies

Alyssa Dver, TEDx and Boston Best Speaker 

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Notoriously “nurses eat their young”. It’s a sad known saying that describes an unfortunate fact that older, experienced nurses frequently bully younger and ‘temporary’ ones.  Doctors, too, are also known to bully nurses in general ironically contradicting their hypocritic oaths to “do no harm”. Bullying sure does – both emotionally and physically.

In this highly interactive session, we’ll use brain science to explain why wan what happens both socially and neurologically – and more importantly, what you can do to cope and combat it.


  • Understand why traveling nurses are more susceptible to bullying.
  • Get tips and tools to manage bullying in the moment and afterwards.
  • Gain comfort knowing that you aren’t alone in your past or future experiences.

1:00 pm est | Guide to Short Term Housing

 Brian Payne, Co-Owner & Cami Narino, COO at Furnished Finder

Ways to Watch on Demand: TheGypsyNurse | Facebook | YouTube

Finding housing as a travel nurse can be scary. Learn how to find short-term housing and avoid scams as well as learn how to stay safe in your home away from home with Brian and Cami from Furnished Finder.

6:00 pm est | What’s So Funny About…Nursing?

Karyn Buxman, Nurse, TedX Speaker, Author & Neurohumorist

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Sicker patients, irritable docs, cranky coworkers, deadly pandemics, days that are long on hours and short on resources. It’s obvious that the state of healthcare today is no joke—but it just may be a laughing matter, if we understand that humor is frequently generated by painful circumstances. How long has it been since you’ve had a good laugh? If you’re overdue, don’t miss this session with Karyn Buxman—nurse, author & neurohumorist


Tuesday | 04/20/2021 | Sponsored by Medely 

12:00 pm est | Cooking Tips with Lorraine

 Lorraine Wheeler,  Travel Nurse and Chopped Champion

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Travel nursing can be hard but add cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen every couple of months can be even harder! Learn from the Food Network’s Chopped Champion Lorraine how to cook on the road with this cooking demo that will have you drooling!

3:00 pm est | Everyone Will Retire Someday

Jean Cook, COO at Travel Nurse Across America & David Altimont, Senior Vice President & Partner at Lockton

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Planning for retirement is something we should all do and never to young or too old to get started.  Working as a traveler adds a few twists to thinking about retirement planning.  This session will identify the things you should consider as a traveler and we will discuss the various retirement savings methods pros and cons from a traveler viewpoint.


6:00 pm est | A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Telling Your Travel Nurse Story.

Tyler Smith, Travel Nurse

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Learn how to tell your travel nurse story with photos with Tyler. Tyler will show you how to set up your camera for the perfect shot as well as show you how to make your pictures stick out more and be more pleasing to the eye.

Wednesday | 04/21/2021 Sponsored by Travel Nurse Across America

12:00 pm est | Nursing Specialities

Jill Eliassen, BSN, RN, Wendy Bledsoe BSN, RN, & Brittany Garcia, BSN, RN, CPN, CCRN

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

If I am a new nurse, what specialty is best for me? How do I get experience in other departments as a traveler?  How do I change my specialty?

These questions among many more are asked frequently by travel nurses. Jill, Wendy, and Brittany will be answering these questions as well as sharing their expertise on choosing and changing specialties as well as answer any questions you may have!

3:00 pm est | Pay Package Comparisons and Negotiations

Jean Cook, COO at Travel Nurse Across America and Derek King, Director of Nurse Recruiting at Travel Nurse Across America

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Different agencies have different components in their pay packages and the quotes all have different layouts.  How does a traveler navigate through these differences to compare packages?  This session will talk about common pay package components and differences to help you figure how to compare packages.

7:00 pm est | RV Travel Nursing

 Katherine Hall, Travel Nurse 

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

There are many housing options when it comes to travel nursing. One of the growing options since the pandemic is RV living. Katherine Hall will be discussing how to live the RV life as a travel nurse with her husband.

Thursday | 04/22/2021 Sponsored by Nurses 24/7

10:00 am est | How to Pick the Best Agency and Recruiter

 Jean Cook, COO at Travel Nurse Across America, Rose Fulton, SVP of Recruitment at Travel Nurse Across America and Brittany Garcia BSN, RN, CPN, CCRN

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

There are hundreds of travel nurse staffing agencies and recruiters in the travel nurse world. Find out how to find the best ones with these tips from Jean Cook.

1:00 pm est | Minimalist Lifestyle

 Megan & Tyler DeWitt, Travel Nurses and Gypsy Nurse Mentors

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Whether you’re living the van life like Megan and Ty or wanting to cut down on your packing, learn that less is more when it comes to packing and moving for each assignment!

6:30 pm est | Leaving the Bedside

 Paula Rouse, Travel Nurse and Gypsy Nurse Mentor

Ways to Watch on Demand: | Facebook | YouTube

Paula will discuss her experience in taking a break from the bedside and what opportunities are out there.. Due to the pandemic assignments were limited and Paula found a local assignment doing Telehealth at her health department working with COVID patients.

Friday | 04/23/2021

12:00 pm est | Dogs and Destinations

Amber Kendra, Travel Nurse, Dog Mom of 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs

Where to Watch: | Facebook | YouTube

Everyone needs an adventure buddy and sometimes those buddies have 4 legs and a nose for adventure! Learn how you can bring along your pets to your next assignment from Amber Kendra who travels with her 3 Bernese Mountain dogs. Yes 3! So if you’re questioning if you can bring your 1 – remember she travels with 3 large dogs and anything is possible!

2:00 pm est | Coffee Hour

Tori Cochran, Certified USA Bartista and Coffee Tasters Judge and a Supertaster Q Cupper

Where to Watch: | Facebook | Youtube

The goal of our session together will be to answer three essential questions that could make or break your coffee experience: 1) What type of coffee do I like? We will discuss differences in origins, blends, and roast colors.  2) What is the best coffee preparation method for me? Hot/cold, slow/fast, full body, etc. 3) No matter what coffee I pick, or which preparation method I choose, how do I make sure that I am extracting/brewing my coffee well so it tastes the best it can.


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