Dogs and Destinations: Travel Nursing with your Pet

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Dogs and Destinations

Dogs and Destinations Presented By: Amber Kendra


Dogs and Destinations

Everyone needs an adventure buddy and sometimes those buddies have 4 legs and a nose for adventure! Learn how you can bring along your pets to your next assignment from Amber Kendra who travels with her 3 Bernese Mountain dogs. Yes 3! So if you’re questioning if you can bring your 1 – remember she travels with 3 large dogs and anything is possible!

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Items Amber recommends for traveling with dogs:

Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Dog Doorbells

Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes


Amber Kendra

My name is Amber Kendra and I have been an ER nurse for 12 years. I have a passion for self-care and adventure. Travel nursing is the perfect career choice for me to maintain a positive work-life balance. I spend my days off reading, practicing yoga, paddle boarding, and hiking with my three Bernese Mountain Dogs. In between assignments I take time to travel the world. Follow my adventures @shesoutwandering or my tribe @lovedogs_traveloften. I genuinely believe that if you do more things that make you happy, you’ll be happy more often.

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Meet her pups!

Zoe is the queen of our tribe. She is regal, sophisticated, intelligent and incredibly loyal. Zoe is certified as Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA), Canine Good Citizen Urban (CGCU), retired therapy dog for Therapy Dogs International (TDI). She worked with military and civilian psych. Her and I have also competed at multiple AKC competitions. She placed third and received her title for rally obedience at The Bernese Mt. Dog Nationals Specialty.

Myla is a goofy, derpy, maniac of a pup. Myla feels that laughing is mandatory and she will do anything to hear the noise when she’s around. She has little patience and is unable to sit still for more than 60 seconds. She is incredibly food focused and due to this I was unable to use treats for training. She was trained with lots of love and praise. Prior to traveling her and I trained in agility for 3 years, she was also trained to a level of advanced obedience.

Enalina is my rescue pup. I brought her home at 10 weeks old. She was purchased from a puppy mill as a family Christmas present and left at a local shelter a short two weeks later. She is the sweetest girl you will ever met but she is also the most protective. Prior to traveling her and I trained for 2 years for air scent search and rescue with a mountain rescue group located within my tax home. She was also trained to a level of advanced obedience.

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