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Minimalist Lifestyle: How Living with Less Can Give You More

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Minimalist Lifestyle: How Living with Less Can Give You More

Presented By: Megan and Ty DeWitt

Meg and Ty Dewitt

Living a minimalist lifestyle

Whether you’re living the van life like Megan and Ty or wanting to cut down on your packing, learn that less is more when it comes to packing and moving for each assignment with a minimalist lifestyle!

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Check out some of their favorite minimalist items below:

Three space saving essentials for travel nursing:


Packing cubes  

Packing cubes are great for clothing storage while traveling. You can fit a decent amount of clothes in one cube and can use different sizes or colors of cubes to keep clothes organized by style or season.


Foldable camping chairs and table

Having an outdoor table and chairs are perfect for camping or just hanging outside at a local park. Choosing a foldable option allows you to store this comfortably in your vehicle and save valuable space when traveling to a new assignment.

Collapsible food storage containers 

These are a game changer if you don’t have a lot of kitchen space or don’t want to travel with bulky kitchen items. They are great for storage because they collapse when not in use and are made of silicone so they can bend and flex even when they are full.


Megan and Ty DeWitt

Hey there! We are Megan and Ty, two nurses who left Charleston, SC, in January 2019 to start travel nursing together. In the last two years, we have worked in five different states, moved into a van that we built ourselves, and eloped in the desert while on assignment in Arizona. We work on PCU units and love being able to learn new things and meet new people at every hospital we visit. We spend our days outside of the hospital exploring the nearby area, and our favorite activities are hiking, camping, surfing, and yoga.

Follow along with their #GypsyNurseAdventure on Instagram at @we.the.wonderers 

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