From Bedside to Office: A Travel Nurse's Story of Leaving the Bedside

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Leaving The Bedside

Leaving The Bedside

Presented By: Paula Rouse

Paula Rouse

Leaving the Bedside

Paula will discuss her experience in taking a break from the bedside and what opportunities are out there… Due to the pandemic, assignments were limited, and Paula found a local assignment doing Telehealth at her health department working with COVID patients.

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Paula Rouse

I’ve been a nurse now for 5 years. I did staff nursing at children’s health care of Atlanta worked in pediatric step-down neurology and neurosurgery. I’ve been travel nursing since April 2018. Currently finishing my fourth assignment I’ve only travel nursed in California I’ve worked assignments at Rady Children’s in San Diego, CHLA in Los Angeles, and Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s in the Bay Area. I love travel nursing and the freedom of being off for an extended time.

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