Retirement Planning: Everyone Will Retire Someday

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Everyone Will Retire Someday

Everyone Will Retire Someday 

Presented by: Jean Cook and David Altimont


Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is something we should all do and never too young or too old to get started. Working as a traveler adds a few twists to thinking about retirement planning. This session will identify the things you should consider when planning for retirement as a traveler, and we will discuss the various retirement saving methods and the pros and cons from a traveler’s viewpoint.

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About Jean Cook: Jean loves to learn and to educate. She has led all support team functions as COO in the industry. Jean regularly works with groups of travelers, co-workers, and in the industry on education that will allow them to make the most out of all that traveling has to offer. As COO, Jean is responsible for the business’s efficiency, overseeing the company’s ongoing operations and procedures. Additionally, her role comes with a focus on promoting the culture, vision, and strategic plan. Jean joined TNAA in 2016 as CFO and became COO in 2020. She has over 30 years of finance, HR, and risk management experience, with 20 of those years being in executive leadership.

About David Altimont: David founded the retirement practice at Lockton’s Dallas office in 2004. He holds degrees in both economics and law and has over thirty years of professional experience working directly with investment and retirement plans. His experience encompasses a wide variety of areas specific to institutional retirement plans – including investments, administration, trust/custody, compliance, fiduciary, and employee education as each area specifically relates to 401(k), 403(b), 457, profit sharing, defined benefit, and non-qualified plans.

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