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Using Brain Science to Confidently Combat Nursing Bullies

Using Brain Science to Confidently Combat Nursing Bullies

Presented By: Alyssa Dver

brain science

Brain science and Bullying?

Notoriously “nurses eat their young”. It’s a sad known saying that describes an unfortunate fact that older, experienced nurses frequently bully younger and ‘temporary’ ones.  Doctors, too, are also known to bully nurses in general ironically contradicting their hypocritic oaths to “do no harm”. Bullying sure does – both emotionally and physically.

In this highly interactive session, we’ll use brain science to explain why and what happens both socially and neurologically – and more importantly, what you can do to cope and combat it.


  • Understand why traveling nurses are more susceptible to bullying.
  • Get tips and tools to manage bullying at the moment and afterward.
  • Gain comfort knowing that you aren’t alone in your past or future experiences.

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Alyssa Dver

A fav at last year’s conference, Alyssa is known as a confidence crusader, neuro nerd and success equalizer having empowered 350,000+ individuals with the science of confidence. She leads the American Confidence Institute which offers both SHRM and ICF accredited online and onsite training including confidence coaching certification.  Alyssa also founded and chairs the ERG Leadership Alliance, the largest association for employee group leaders organized to profoundly improve workplace diversity & inclusion.

In 2020, Alyssa became a TEDx and Boston Best Speaker, as well as a 7th-time bestselling author with, “Confidence is a Choice: Real Science. Superhero Impact.” Her work as been endorsed by thought leaders at Wharton, Harvard, MIT, Yale, UC Berkeley, The US Air Force, The US Tennis Association, Panera, Staples, Spotify, Wayfair, and dozens more.

She teaches CEOs at Penn’s Innovation Center, advises students at MIT Trust Center, coaches entrepreneurs for GetStarted RI, and judges the Best Employers and the Women in Business Stevie Awards.

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