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We know the location of your travel nursing assignment is very important to you. That’s why each Medical Staffing Options recruiter is an expert in a specific state. They are focused on getting you the assignment you want – where you want it. Your recruiter has access to MSO’s contracts with major hospital systems all over the country. Our in-house travel and housing team ensures we can help you find where to live. And our platinum benefits mean we have great coverage no matter where you want to go. So when you say you want a job in Arkansas, MSO instantly connects the dots to make that job yours. Try MSO. We KNOW where you want to go.
8 Important Tips for Travel Nurses
This article was provided by Medical Staffing Options. There are many incentives for travel nurses, including higher pay, new career opportunities, and the experience of traveling to various locations. Despite ...
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Travel Nurses Traveling with Family
This article was provided by Medical Staffing Options. A travel nurse can travel all over the country, taking RN travel jobs wherever they go. They might travel to a sunny ...
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5 Top Destinations For Travel Nurses During Spring
This article was provided by Medical Staffing Options. With warmer weather, sunshine, blooming flowers, and fresh-cut grass just around the corner, it’s time to start searching for that ideal spring ...
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