Tips for Travel Nurses: 8 Great Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Medical Staffing Options

July 14, 2021



8 Important Tips for Travel Nurses

This article was provided by Medical Staffing Options.

There are many incentives for travel nurses, including higher pay, new career opportunities, and the experience of traveling to various locations. Despite these advantages, travel nursing can take a toll on one’s emotional, physical, and mental health.

Whether you are an active travel nurse or are interested in taking your nursing career on the road, the following list can help make your adventures as a travel nurse a pleasant experience. The following information reveals 8 important tips for travel nurses.

1. Become Informed on Each State’s Licensing Requirements

Each state has its own rules as to whether new licensure is required for travel nurses. There is an agreement created by the National Council Boards of Nursing that allows nurses in certain states, deemed compact states, to practice in other compact states with obtaining an additional license.

Many states who are not part of this agreement normally allow for nurses to obtain a temporary license.  To become informed regarding license laws, travel nurses should visit the Board of Nursing Website for each prospective employment opportunity.

2. Vehicle Care

With all the stress of life, it is easy to forget to properly maintain your vehicle. This is a critical concern for travel nurses, as they put extensive miles on their vehicles, which can result in extensive damage if not maintained.

Keep records of your regular vehicle maintenance, including oil changes, tire replacement/rotations, and check your fluids regularly. Neglecting to do so can result in costly damages to your vehicle.

Some travel nurses prefer to rent a vehicle, although this can be an expensive decision.

3. Don’t Overpack

This is one of the most common mistakes made by new travel nurses. It can be tempting to overpack in fear that you will not have enough items, but it will be a regrettable decision. Packing too many unnecessary items is not a feasible decision when moving every few months on average.

 Important Things to Note:

  • If your things do not fit in your vehicle, leave them behind.
  • Only pack clothes that are relevant to your job location.
  • Find affordable, furnished housing options
  • Pack enough scrubs

One of the best tips for travel nurses is living minimally is the most practical and appropriate lifestyle for this career choice.

4.  Avoid Tax Complications

Every state has different laws in place for state taxes. Be sure to keep financial records to avoid complications. One of our top tips for travel nurses is it is in your best interest to hire a tax professional to avoid complications.

5. Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

The sole complaint for many travel nurses is that life on the road can become lonely. This is not good for one’s emotional or mental health. To combat this issue, it is crucial that nurses keep regular contact with their family and friends back home. This can be achieved through regular phone calls, skype, zoom, or other virtual applications.

6. Be Sure to Consider Factors, Including Health Insurance

Reliable health insurance is a common complaint for many travel nurses. Lack of insurance opportunities and lapses in coverage can threaten one’s health and financial security.

The best way to avoid any issues with health insurance is to work with a staffing agency that provides its employees with coverage. The team of knowledgeable professionals at Medical Staffing Options provides travel nurses with full-time healthcare coverage, a rare benefit in the world of travel nursing.

This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that wherever you may travel, your health coverage is secure.

7. Prepare For Politics

We’re not talking about the 2020 election, but hospital politics. 99.5% of the time, most hospital staffs are grateful for the help. Over the last year, staffing has been difficult because of a myriad of reasons – turnover or nurse burnout, to name a few. Travel nurses are able to bridge that gap, and the other nurses are happy for the relief. There might be one or two nurses who may harbor negative feelings towards travel nursing – the perception being hours or positions being stolen. That’s okay. All you need to do is the job you were brought on to do and excel. You know what they say, “Kill them with kindness.” You might be able to change their perception, but you may not. Just keep the lines of communication open and always be helpful to all staff.

8. Seek the Services of a Staffing Agency

Finding the right job opportunities can be difficult for travel nurses. If you are considering the transition to travel nursing or need help finding your next nursing opportunity, a recruitment agency that specializes in travel nursing can help.

Contact Medical Staffing Options Today for More Information

Travel nurses are in high demand, and there are employment opportunities around the country. Reach out to Medical Staffing Options ( today if you are interested in experiencing all that travel nursing has to offer. Let Medical Staffing Options connect you with the best nursing jobs available and provide you with the resources you need for success.

We hope you found these tips for travel nurses from Medical Staffing Options helpful and help you along your travel nurse journey. Are there any other tips for travel nurses we missed? Comment any tips you have for fellow travel nurses below.

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