Leah Gnitka

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Hi everyone! My name is Leah Gnitka and I am a 20-something year old traveling nurse from Minnesota. Before travel nursing, I was working in a cardiac step-down unit back home and dabbled in home healthcare. As soon as I reached my needed experience for travel nursing, I hit the road. I am now going on year number two of the traveling life. I continue to work in cardiac-focused units, primarily filling in needs on Medical-Surgical/Telemetry units. In the last year I have worked in West Virginia, Louisiana, New York, and Washington. I absolutely love this life of spontaneity and adventure that travel nursing brings. Outside of loving my job and caring for people, I enjoy doing international traveling as well. I currently have traveled to twenty-one countries on six different continents. Learning about other cultures and seeing the beauty of this world are both so important to me. I am incredibly thankful for the flexibility that my career gives me, and I make sure to make the most of it. Go out and see the world, it has so much to offer! Happy travels, and I hope to cross paths with you some day!
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