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By Leah Gnitka

August 20, 2019



Advice to the Nursing Student from a Seasoned Travel Nurse

nursing student
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Advice to the Nursing Student

Whether you are just starting nursing school or you are in your final year or semester, getting advice from seasoned nurses is always nice, but it is even better when you get advice from a seasoned travel nurse. Below you will find a few pieces of advice to the nursing student from a fellow Gypsy Nurse.

Remember why you started

Everyone has a why.  There was a reason why you chose to do nursing, a reason why this profession called you. There was a reason why you want to go into a career that cares for people. When nursing school is tough, remember why you started in the first place; and by remembering that why, may it encourage you to continue on through the journey. Nursing school won’t last forever.

Team up with classmates

You are all in this together, why not help each other out. Sometimes studying with other classmates can be the best way to study. Maybe you understand something better than someone else, or maybe your friend knows how to explain the process of something to you in a clearer way. Studying with other people can also be more fun and less lonely. Have study sleepovers, library dates, and group study sessions. Nursing school is not a competition; work together to make it through.

Get involved

Get involved in your school, get involved in nursing, get involved in your community. While you’re in college you have the opportunity to take advantage of so many opportunities – so take them! Find a place you can volunteer at (local hospitals, Boys & Girls Club, food shelf, etc.); join a club on campus (Student Nurses Association – *cough cough*); do a summer internship; research ways to get involved during your college years. This is the time for you to both try out new things and work on building your resume.

Cherish the moments

Nursing school doesn’t last forever; nursing school is just a part of your life. It may seem like the longest four years of your life, but once you cross that stage on graduation night it will seem like nursing school just flashed before your eyes. So cherish the moments during this journey. Remember how funny it is when the mannequin’s arm falls off during simulation lab; or how awkward it was asking your classmate to listen to their bowel sounds for your head-to-toe assessment; also, remember the ugly scrubs you had to wear to clinicals; remember all the special moments and look back on it all with a smile.

Remember making it into nursing school is an accomplishment in itself

When days get tough and you don’t think you’ll be able to make it through; remember that you are the rock star the made it into nursing school. Don’t forget how hard it was just to even get in to nursing school, and you made it in for a reason. So if you’re thinking about quitting nursing school, remember how much you’ve already accomplished.

We hope that you found this advice for the nursing student helpful! If you would like more information on travel nursing itself check out our Travel Nurse Guide!

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