Linda Mazie

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What is a Health and Wellness Coach? Coaching is an individualized approach to help you maximize your well-being and personal fulfillment. The aim is to clarify what matters most to you, reflect on your overall health, tap into your strengths, and create an action plan that supports your best life. Benefits of Coaching are: enjoy meaningful conversations; reflect on how personal values shape your interests, decisions and actions; take a proactive approach to maximize your health. Role Reversal: Becoming Responsible for your Aging Parent Individual coaching sessions: Are you contemplating an initial conversation with your aging parent about living as independently as possible with dignity and support? Are you currently the frustrated care-taker of your aging parent and/or their care giver? Is your aging parent in denial of the care they need? Coaching will guide and navigate you through this tricky territory with compassion, support, resources, role play, and more. Zoom Learning Communities: Topics include: parenting vs guidance, support systems, establishing a healthy peer/same-adult-level relationship, meeting your own needs, forming your Team, making a plan, taking action and more. What matters most when your spouse develops early stages of cognitive decline? Couples Coaching sessions: Having that conversation when you are both healty and thriving will make life's decisions easier for you and your family members once early stages of dementia begin. Having that conversation will be difficult, yet extremely important. A Coach can help couples navigate this tricky conversation and document wishes that can be shared.
Who Wants a Better Night Sleep?
Feeling tired? Crabby? Off-balance? Nodding off during lectures? Maybe you are not getting a good night’s sleep. A lot of factors interfere with a good night’s sleep…  As a travel ...
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