Nurses Notes: I’m Homesick

Nurses Notes: I’m Homesick



Travel Nurse HomesickI’m sitting at work minding my own business and one of the nurses asks “whats wrong?”. I try to convince her (and myself) that nothing is wrong…. She probes a little and finally I come to the realization that I, yes, me . . . don’t laugh. . .

Well, I guess that I’m feeling a little homesick.

When your patients start reminding you of people at home, you should know that there is a reason. I had a young man for a patient last night that reminded me so very much of my brother.  I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him to make the right decision for once in his life…just like I would like to do with my brother. Weird, I guess. He really got to me.  He ended up leaving AMA and I tried at first to get him to stay and then I just “couldn’t”. I couldn’t deal with it….he hit me way to close to home and I could barely talk to him, to convince him to stay for the needed treatment.

Then tonight I am caring for an elderly patient who is having some family problems. Fighting…yelling…cursing. The patient is depressed and feels like her family is taking things from her that are rightfully hers. She reminds me so much of my grandmother. I can just see my uncle taking the same sort of advantage of grandma and it makes me so mad and so sad at the same time. I want to take matters into my own hands (like I would if it were grandma) and deal with all the idiot family members!!

Well, having written this, I guess that i feel a little better.

Do you experience homesickness while on the road?  What are your triggers?

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