Adventures: Articles for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

As a travel nurse, your schedule tends to differ from staff nurses.  You may have time between contracts or days off. So, what to do on your day off? What adventures can you take? Finding things to do other than staying in your housing can be hard. We have put together some really great articles with ideas for adventures and things to do during your days off.

Check back often as we publish fresh content Monday through Friday.  What you are looking for maybe in the works.  If you have ideas for content or would like to see articles on this topic, click here to email our content department.  If you would like to submit an article, you can do so by clicking here.

7 Ideas To Make Your Day Off Fun As Travel Nurse
Hectic life and little rest might predispose you to long-term health issues, ranging from physical symptoms to mental health disorders. If you’re a travel nurse who works for almost the ...
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How to Travel on a Budget: Tips for Travel Nurse Vacations
Traveling is a great way to explore new and exciting locations while discovering cultures and making lifelong connections with locals and fellow travelers. Before planning your next trip to your ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina
There was a post in our Facebook network group asking what to do in Charleston, South Carolina.  These types of posts are often made in the group.  As a travel ...
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6 Fun Ways to Spend Quality Time with Family for Traveling Nurses
Leaving your family for work is sometimes inevitable, particularly if you are a traveling nurse. Being away from your loved ones for prolonged periods can cause stress, anxiety, and sadness ...
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5 Important Things You Should Do to Make the Most of Your Vacation
You have two options when you take a vacation, either locally or abroad: You can make either vacation the entire time or just travel from location A to B and ...
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Top 50 Labor Day Weekend Events
Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer BBQs and pool parties. Don’t despair; there is still time to enjoy the last of the summer festivals and events before you ...
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5 Things to do While on Assignment in Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville is Tennessee’s capital and home to some of the most incredible music and landmarks that the state holds. The opportunities and activities to do within Nashville are endless, ranging ...
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5 Things To Do In Asheville, NC
So, you took a travel nurse assignment in Asheville, North Carolina? What are some things to do and what places should you visit on your days off? Asheville, North Carolina, ...
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Eight Things To Do In Acadia National Park
Our mentors Meg and Ty recently visited Acadia National Park.  The park offers many activities.  There seems to be something for everyone.  Meg and Ty put together 8 things to ...
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