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As a travel nurse, your schedule tends to differ from staff nurses.  You may have time between contracts or days off. So, what to do on your day off? What adventures can you take? Finding things to do other than staying in your housing can be hard. We have put together some really great articles with ideas for adventures and things to do during your days off.

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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Portland, Oregon
So, you took an assignment in Portland, Oregon. What should you do on your days off? If it is the typical assignment, you will have 13 weeks to explore the ...
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10 Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation
Familiar with the feeling of ‘Am I forgetting something?’ before you pick up your bags and leave your home for a vacation? Luckily, you are not alone. Even as a ...
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Make Travel Nursing Fun: 2 Secrets to Working ‘On the Road’ with Enthusiasm
The following is a Guest Post via Elizabeth Scala: Travel Nursing Fun? Traveling is fun. No doubt about it. In fact, one of my ‘heart’s desires’, ‘big money whys’ or ...
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California Adventures! Why California Should Be Your Next Assignment
This article was provided by trustaff. Have you locked in where you’ll be spending your first assignment of 2022? Here’s a shortlist of the top 3 reasons you should be ...
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5 Great Cities For Your Winter Travel Assignment
This article was provided by Medely. When temperatures drop, do your thoughts turn to the beach, the slopes, or somewhere in between? Now that the colder months are here, many ...
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Top 10 Things to do In Oahu
We spent the last four months of our lives living and working in Hawaii.  We have put together a list of the top 10 things to do or see in ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Columbia, South Carolina
So, you took an assignment in Columbia, South Carolina. While the city is large, it may be difficult to find things to do on your day off. We have put ...
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Haunted or Spooky Cities for Travel Nurses to Visit This Halloween
Fall is a great time; the leaves are changing, and the air is crisp. It is also the time of year for a haunted house, hayrides, and all things spooky. ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Bradenton, Florida
When the weather changes and gets cooler, that is the perfect time to take an assignment in Florida.  Bradenton, Florida, appears to be a popular assignment location for travel nurses.  ...
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