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Meet the Best Travel Nurse Agencies of 2019

Hey Gypsies, it’s finally here! We’ve just launched our first Gypsy Nurse Agency Evaluation Survey – the results are in and The Gypsy Nurse community has spoken! We’ve created the most comprehensive travel nursing agency evaluation ever, we hired two top independent market research firms to create and conduct a methodologically sound, quantitative survey of the travel nurse community. Over the past few months they have reached out to over 100,000 Travel RNs to rate – based on their personal experience with agencies – key performance areas that the community had indicated were most important to them when choosing their travel nurse staffing firm. Starting with over 100 agencies evaluated including the biggest names in travel nursing- representing the vast majority of the agencies that nurses travel with – we now share these results. We hope this information helps Gypsy Nurses everywhere make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the agency that’s right for their unique needs and helps agencies better understand what’s important to the travel nursing community. The list of the best travel nurse agencies ranked by Gypsy Nurses is below.

The Best Overall Agency Award highlights the agency with the highest aggregated score across the four specific award areas: agency relationship, assignment/location, employment benefits, and career advancement.

The Most Loyal Agency Award highlights the agency with recruiters who are knowledgeable and address concerns quickly, while also genuinely getting to know travel nurses and making them feel a part of a family.

The Best Assignment Concierge Agency Award highlights the agency with connections to high-quality hospitals in desirable geographic locations, and that do the best job of helping travel nurses find the ideal assignment.

The Most Traveler-Centric Benefits Agency Award highlights the agency with attractive financial and non-financial benefits, opportunities for skill building outside of work (e.g., CEU’s and certifications), and a strong overall compensation package.

The Best Career Accelerator Agency Award highlights the agency with great on-the-job-training and assignments that help travel nurses
1) Broaden their set of skills and
2) Develop further expertise in an area of interest.


The Gypsy Nurse wants to extend special thanks to the following participating agencies, they deserve recognition because they care deeply for our nurse audience and took a risk on our survey program in its inaugural year.

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