A Travel Nurse Staffing Agency's Perspective on COVID-19 with TNAA


April 24, 2020



A Travel Nurse Staffing Agency’s Perspective on COVID-19 with Travel Nurse Across America

Members of TNAA’s staff recently went live in The Gypsy Nurse Facebook Group to give an agency’s perspective on COVID 19. Below you will find some highlights from the video. If you have any questions you would like to ask TNAA go to the Facebook video and comment on it. They will answer your question as soon as possbile.

How can I help?

One of the top questions they have been getting is how can I help? What can I do to help? Where can I go? Clinically TNAA is keeping their nurses in their skillset. TNAA as like many other agencies does have crisis jobs available all over the country, there are areas that they have more than others.

Start Date Changes

They discuss that many hospitals are wanting the nurses to start within the week.

Licensure and Experience

They also discuss what is happening in regard to licensure. They also discuss the 2-year experience rule. One of their main focuses is making sure they are putting the right nurses in the right places. They want their travel nurses to be successful.


TNAA’s staff answered many of the group member’s questions in terms of licensing, experience and many other topics.

COVID-19 Resources

We hope you found the information that TNAA shared from an agency’s perspective on COVID 19 helpful. If you would like to read more COVID-19 articles click here. If you would like to look for a position at a COVID 19 hospital click here.

Are you working on a COVID unit? Would you like to share your COVID hospital experience? Comment them below or click here to contact us to share your story.

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