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Travel Nurse Jobs in Florida

LPN and RN travel nurse jobs in Florida are in high demand due to the state’s growing healthcare industry. From Miami to Jacksonville, healthcare facilities across Florida are seeking experienced nursing professionals who can fill temporary staffing gaps or provide additional support during peak seasons. These travel nurse jobs offer a unique opportunity for LPNs and RNs to work in different environments while exploring different cities and regions of Florida.

LPN travel nurse jobs in Florida typically require candidates to have a valid LPN license, at least one year of experience working as an LPN, and current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. RN positions may require a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), as well as active licensure from the state. Experienced nurses with specialized skills such as ICU or ER experience may be particularly sought after for these positions.

While there are many opportunities available for both LPNs and RNs looking for travel nursing jobs in Florida, it is important to do your research before deciding on an assignment. Factors such as location, pay rates, housing arrangements, and benefits should all be considered when evaluating potential job opportunities. Additionally, it is important to work with reputable staffing agencies that specialize in placing travel nurses to ensure that you receive competitive compensation packages and access to quality assignments throughout the state.

Benefits of Working as a Travel Nurse in Florida

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and tourist attractions. For travel nurses looking to work in a vibrant location while earning good money, Florida is an excellent destination. Travel nursing jobs in Florida provide a unique opportunity to explore the state’s many attractions and enjoy its stunning scenery while gaining valuable experience.

LPN jobs in Florida offer numerous benefits that make it an ideal destination for those looking for new opportunities. One of the most significant advantages of working as a travel nurse in Florida is the competitive pay rates offered by healthcare providers throughout the state. In addition to higher salaries, travel nurses can also enjoy flexible scheduling options and other perks such as free housing or relocation assistance.

Another benefit of working as a travel nurse in Florida is the chance to work with world-class medical facilities renowned for their high-quality patient care standards. Travel nurses can gain experience working alongside talented professionals and develop their skills through ongoing training programs provided by employers. Overall, travel nursing jobs in Florida offer an exciting way to explore one of America’s most popular destinations while advancing your career as a healthcare professional.

Florida Travel Nursing Salary and Housing Options

Florida is a popular destination for travel nurses due to its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and abundance of nursing job opportunities. Registered Nurses (RNs) in Florida can expect an average hourly wage of $32.97, which is higher than the national average for RNs. Additionally, travel nurses in Florida may be eligible for bonuses and other incentives such as sign-on bonuses or completion bonuses.

When it comes to housing options, there are several choices available to travel nurses in Florida. Many hospitals offer free or discounted housing as part of their recruitment package. Alternatively, some travel nurses prefer to find their own housing through online resources such as Craigslist or Airbnb. It’s important to consider the location and cost of housing before accepting a travel nurse job in Florida.

Overall, Florida offers competitive salaries and diverse housing options for RNs interested in pursuing travel nursing jobs in the state. With its sunny weather and endless attractions, it’s no wonder why so many travel nurses choose Florida as their next assignment destination.

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