Nurses Week 2021: The Gypsy Nurse Live Events and Conferences

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Nurses Week 2021

The Gypsy Nurse’s Nurses Week 2021

Sponsored by Medical Edge Recruitment


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The Gypsy Nurse Team wants to give you the best gift of all during nurses week, and that is FREE ADVICE along with a happy hour, games, and daily giveaways!

There will be six  30 minute live-streamed events designed to inform, inspire and entertain. Watch live or on-demand!


Thursday| 05/06/2021 

6:00 pm ET | Happy Hour with John Saults

We’re kicking off 2021 Nurses Week off right with travel nurse John Saults with a virtual Happy Hour!

John is an ER travel nurse and a master of mixology. He is known for his delicious spicy cucumber margaritas.

Get your glasses ready, and let’s kick off Nurses Week with a splash!

Click here to attend Happy Hour with John on-demand!


Friday | 05/07/2021  

6:00 pm ET| Best Advice with Travel Nurse ReyAnn Moya

Gypsy Nurse Mentor ReyAnn Moya will be sharing her travel nurse expertise and

giving advice that she has accumulated over her seven years of practice.

Live from Hawaii, tune in to get the best advice from Reyann Moya!

Years of nursing: 7 & 6 in ER
Years of travel: 6
Specialty: ER
Assignments: 6
States: California and Washington

Click here to attend ReyAnn’s session on-demand!


Saturday | 05/08/2021

12:00 pm ET | Best Advice with Travel Nurse Nicole Douglass

Nicole is an adventure-seeking travel nurse with over six years of travel nurse experience.

She lives full-time in her Airstream trailer with her husband, dog, and cat. She loves the flexible care-free lifestyle

travel nursing, which has allowed her to live the life of her dreams.

Years of nursing: 6
Years of travel: 2
Specialty; MedSurg/Tele
Assignments: 6
States: 6

Click here to attend Nicole’s session on-demand!


Sunday | 05/09/2021 

Happy Mother’s Day, Travel Nurse Moms

Happy Mother’s Day, Travel Nurses! We will be celebrating travel nurse moms who work every day as

heroes both in the home and the hospital. Join us on 5/09/2021 for the best advice for traveling as

a mom, great giveaways, and celebrating our awesome travel nurse mothers!

Click here to watch a special Mother’s Day video from fellow travel nurse moms!


Monday | 05/10/2021

2 pm ET |Best Advice with Travel Nurse Laura Rogers!

Daisy Award Winner Laura Rogers shares her best advice with over 17 years of nursing experience!

She’s never had a bad assignment so be sure to tune in to find out her secret to a successful assignment!

Years of nursing: 17
Years of travel: 5
Specialty: ICU RN, PACU, Pre-OP, PAT, GI Lab
Assignments: 7
States: Massachusetts, Idaho, Colorado, California, Alabama, Georgia

Click here to watch Laura’s Session on demand!

Tuesday | 05/11/2021

nurses week 2021

Travel Nurse Truth Be Told Tuesday

We have compiled your best advice all week long from the registration form below and transformed

them into inspirational posters. Click here to view the best advice posters!

Congratulations to Paula White for having the best advice,

“Never forget your why. When things get tough, take a breather and refocus on your why”


Wednesday| 05/12/2021

nurses week 2021nurses week 2021

5 pm ET | Travel Nurse Trivia 

Bring out those textbooks and put your knowledge to the test for Travel Nurse Trivia. Hosted by

The Gypsy Nurse’s very own, Rachel Altum and Shannon Nelson. Let’s see which nurse can be the first to answer

questions about all things travel nursing. We will have great prizes, giveaways, and more!!

Click here to watch  Travel Nurse Trivia on-demand!


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