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Not every job is going to be a bed of lilies. More important than the Agency you choose to Travel with, ensure you have a Recruiter with your back. I am not diminishing the role of the Agency, not at all. Over the years, I have heard horror stories from various Nurses throughout my Travels. Yes, maybe some of them have higher pay packages, but guess what? When their pay is not correct, a Holiday comes, and the Agency does not pay you for it, the hospital you have traveled to turns out to be a horrible nightmare poop show, and an "act of God" occurs in the form of a snowstorm, hurricane, tornado or you get injured while performing your job duties, I would rather have a Recruiter that has my back, is encouraging, supportive and present. Yes, I get it. It is a Business, but most successful businesses are built on a " relationship model." My thoughts are that I do not Agency hop. Not judging you if you do, but my preference is not to do that for the above reasons. Sometimes it is unavoidable, like when you want a particular location and your Agency does not have any jobs. But if possible, stick with the Recruiter that has your back. I know mine does. Thank you, Alexandra Borkowski, for all that you do! Unfortunately, she has been the recipient of some very unplanned events in my travels, and in all honesty, she has had my back, been supportive and encouraging, and made sure I was taken care of. To me, that is worth more than money! Today thank your Recruiter!
Mary Jo Alessio, Psychiatry Various
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