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TGN Virtual Conference: 1 Hour Yoga Session

About this Event

Yoga Session

Join Stacey Reynolds in a 1-hour yoga session along with tips for nurses to stay relaxed.

About Stacey:

Stacey Reynolds is the owner and operator of Blue Yoga Nyla and BYN Registered Yoga School. She is an ERYT500, Registered Yoga Therapist (CIAYT), RPYT, and RCYT. Her own journey to yoga originated from a place of healing. Suffering from chronic illness, she had been confined to a chair for almost two years as her body became toxic. She credits “something greater than herself” in guiding her to the healing possibilities of yoga. There was something about the practice that was vital to her breaking free from health issues and a lifelong history of anxiety and depression. Her motivation in her own personal practice as well as teaching others focuses on such healing. The practice was never about the shapes Stacey could put her body in, or the elaborate poses that some work so hard to master. It was always about moving energy; moving energy into under-investigated places in her being, and letting go of what no longer serves her.

Her Mission

Her mission is to serve-making yoga accessible to special populations, and her studio to be a refuge for anyone who walks through her doors. She works with therapists and doctors who treat those with anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, addiction, chronic illness, grief, and end-of-life special needs. Her private yoga therapy practices thrive on discovering, discarding, and learning to embrace that which did hold power over us. She educates, utilizes energy work, and her spiritual gift of intuition to guide someone to the other side of pain. Stacey will lead us through an accessible chair yoga practice and speak to the stress and vicarious trauma of health care providers. She will share “The Caregiver Rx” practice to address the neglected places of our body, mind, and spirit and put ourselves on the list. The Gypsy Nurse will have access to its own channel with Stacey at Purchase a monthly subscription under “The Caregiver Rx.” Stacey will also be available for telehealth private yoga therapy in this partnership.

The Gypsy Nurse Virtual Conference:

Please join us at The Gyspy Nurse for our Virtual Conference all this week: August 3rd – August 7th.

Sessions include:

  • Confidence is a Choice
  • Non-Traditional Travel Nurse Assignments
  • Protecting Yourself from Online Housing Scams
  • What’s so Funny About… COVID
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Push a Little in Hiking and in Life.
  • Tax Home and Multi-State Issues
  • How to Live your Best Life as a Travel Nurse
  • Vanlife
  • Happy hour! 3 Easy Drinks to Make on the Road
Each session will be turned into an article and on our website, for you to watch at your convenience within 24-48 hours of the time it went live. If you are looking for other sessions please visit our Videos section on The Gypsy Nurse site. We hope you find these sessions helpful and fun!

August 6, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT


About Amber

Amber is no stranger to the medical field; she was a CNA for 10 years before she received her marketing degree. She is responsible for identifying content opportunities based on community needs, community discussion, industry trends and SEO opportunities. Reaching out to contributors for content contributions, establishing strong relationships. She also creates and manages the content publication schedule. While also reviewing and revising raw content. When she isn’t working for TGN she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children.


August 6, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
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