2024 Travel Nursing Trends- Live with Medical Edge

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2024 Travel Nursing Trends: What to Expect – A Live Event with Medical Edge

travel nursing trends

About this Event

travel nursing trends

Join Medical Edge Recruitment as they talk about 2024 Travel Nursing Trends. They’ve had the privilege of engaging with a medical staffing industry leader and will discuss what they learned about the trends for travel nursing in 2024. They’re excited to pass on the valuable insights they’ve gained!


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travel nursing trends

Rikki Speck– Director of Marketing

With a whopping 15+ years in the healthcare jungle, I’m on a mission to empower healthcare heroes with everything they need to supercharge patient care, banish burnout, and set the stage for peak performance. As the Director of Marketing of a tech-savvy and marketing-savvy crew at Medical Edge Recruitment, the Sherlock Holmes of healthcare talent matchmakers, we make sure the stars align between top talent and the healthcare A-listers. My secret power set includes wizardry in customer relationships (CRM), the art of marketing, process perfection, masterful communication, and always leading with empathy. My superhero cape is adorned with badges of honor for my customer service prowess, teamwork awesomeness, and sales superstar status. Always up for a challenge and riding the wave of change in this ever-evolving industry, I’m a lifelong learner, a growth enthusiast, and a dynamic force for positive change.

travel nursing trends


Taylor Dupont– Inbound Marketing Specialist

In the fascinating tale of my career, I began with a foundation in the mysteries of life through a bachelor of science in biological sciences. After dabbling into multiple industries while trying to discover my dream career path, my journey took an unexpected turn and eventually led me to discover a passion for sharing knowledge. I embraced the role of a teacher, igniting young minds with the wonders of science. Because of the multitude of transferable skills that my teaching career brought to life, the voyage into education became a bridge to a new horizon – the medical staffing industry. In the realm of talent acquisition, I found an electrifying synergy between identifying potential, knowledge, creativity, and process improvement. For just over a year now, I’ve been an employee at Medical Edge Recruitment, initially navigating the realms of recruitment and now embarking on the magic of marketing as an Inbound Marketing Specialist. Each day, my mission is to uncover new talent, whether it’s through my mastery of job board landscapes, engaging providers through various outreach strategies, or actively participating in networking events.

About Medical Edge Recruitment:

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Medical Edge Recruitment is the premier travel nursing recruitment agency specializing in providing top talent to clients in the healthcare industry. We connect clinical and allied providers to opportunities aligned with their personal and professional passions. Our focus is on connection and communication, so our long-lasting relationships are built on a foundation of honesty, compassion, and transparency. Whether it is a local contract or travel nurse assignment, our priority is you. In travel nursing, bigger does not always mean better. We make the process simple so you can focus on what really matters – advancing your career and enjoying the journey. Adventure awaits. Let Medical Edge Recruitment show you where to go next!

December 1 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST


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December 1
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST



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