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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 7, 2013



Meet Cast Member Tyrice of MTV’s “Scrubbing In”

Tyrese MTVThe Gypsy Nurse recently had an opportunity to speak via phone with three of the Scrubbing In cast members. The Gypsy Nurse attempts to maintain neutrality in most situations in order to simply provide information and facts. This same stance was taken when speaking with the nurses from Scrubbing In.

There is a ton of negative commentary floating around the nursing world in regards to “Scrubbing In” as well as the nurses that make up the cast.  I did the following series of interviews before ever seeing the first episode in attempt to see these nurses (cast members) as what they are…professionals, co-workers, peers and most importantly fellow Gypsy’s.

I would like to introduce you to Tyrice, RN CCRN

Hometown: Shreveport, LA 

MTV’s Bio: “Tyrice has been a traveling nurse for three years and loves the lifestyle it provides. She is not looking for any type of commitment, but will do anything to get attention. You never know which Tyrice you’re going to get. She has the sweetest bedside manner, but if you cross her in any way (even imagined), she will unleash her temper on you and anyone around you. Despite this, she wonders why she is single and why it is so hard to get along with the group of travel nurses from Pittsburgh. You would think getting along with her fellow Louisianan, Chris, would be easy, but instead they have a classic love/hate dynamic depending on the time of day.”

Tyrice and I talked about some of the basics of travel nursing such as amount of experience prior to traveling.  Tyrice was a CCRN for nearly 3 years working in the ICU prior to traveling. Tyrice states in the interview that she didn’t realize that she would be going into travel nursing but because she had worked in multiple specialties over the years that she felt she ‘was very much adequately prepared to go out there…and adapted to these different hospitals’.

Q: Why Did you choose to transition into Travel Nursing?

Tyrice: Travel nursing came about after being in the hospital for about 3 years and the strain of the politics was taking away from the patient.  I had this epiphany just kind of came to me that travel nursing would work.  I could just come to work and put the patient back in to the center of patient centered care.  That was one reason why I started to travel.  The other benefit of that was that I could vacation at the same time as working. We can have fun and work at the same time and we’re making money. It’s like your on a continuous vacations.

Q: What was its like to not only tackle the stress of being a nurse but the added stress of having camera’s filming your patient care?

Tyrice: It took a couple of weeks to adapt but it (being on camera) became a regular part of my life.

Q: One of the great things about Travel Nursing is the ability to see and do exciting things that you may not be able to do otherwise.  Scrubbing In amplified this opportunity for you and the rest of the cast members, what was your most memorable experience?  (I was fishing for a spoiler here but Tyrice wasn’t about to give anything up!)

Tyrice: Getting to know the different people and building those connections. Getting lifelong friends.  The hospital learning experience that I gained. That will stick with me forever in my nursing profession.

Q: How did your childhood experiences of living in a low-income neighborhood influence your decision to become a nurse?

Tyrice:  Nursing was something that chose me.  At the age of 9 I had to become the primary caregiver of my grandma after she had to have her legs amputated. It’s just something that kind of happened out of the blue and as a child my mom was like ‘out of all my girls you were the one that just stepped in and moved in with her and became her personal nurse’.  It (nursing) was something that kind of chose me in a way.  Nursing for me was my purpose and ….it was something that was always instilled in me to do.  I took care of my grandmother from age 9 to age 20, Nursing was just that outlet for me.

At the conclusion of our conversation I asked Tyrice if there was anything that she wanted to say to the readers of TheGypsyNurse, she makes a good point below when she points out that our alliances can be very strong and if we focus on the nursing issues at hand, we are a very strong force.

Tyrice: I would lke to say to the general public and to our colleagues, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Watch the show and try to make an informed decision on whether or not your going to like it or not, just give us a chance. Hopefully that all of the negative energy that is going on around the show, I hope that we can build alliances and fight something that really matters. There are so many nursing issues that are going on right now and I hope in the future we can see the bigger picture and form an alliance and fight against something that really matters.

Please check back next week for the next installment where we will meet Fernando.

“Scrubbing In” is Executive Produced by Mark Cronin and Joel Rodgers from Never Nominated. The series is Executive Produced by Shannon Fitzgerald and David Osper for MTV. Janay Dutton and Nick Predescu are the Executives in Charge of Production for the series.

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