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By Becca Bonny

August 4, 2020



On-Demand Event

TGN Virtual Conference: Protecting Yourself from Online Housing Scams

Presenter: Brian Payne & Cami Narino from Furnished Finder.

Avoiding housing scams

Choosing your home away from home can be nerve-racking, the thought of traveling thousands of miles only to get a ran down shack, or a home that already has tenets can cause a traumatic experience. Thankfully, some people have seen a trick or two when it comes to housing scams. Brian Payne & Cami Narino from Furnished Finder will be discussing how to avoid these scams and how to protect yourself.

About Furnished Finder:

A family-run company founded in 2014, Furnished Finder is a short-term housing provider for travel nurses who need affordable monthly furnished housing. Property owners list their furnished rooms and apartments on Furnished Finder. They must pass a background check and provide proof of ownership/management for traveler safety and prevent scams. All rents are set directly by the landlord and there are no mark-ups or booking fees, making furnished housing affordable for travel healthcare professionals across the US. Furnished Finder has over 25,000 listings and is used by over 100 medical staffing companies.  Furnished Finder is committed to supporting the travel nurse industry by constantly innovating, preventing online housing scams, and improving to make finding affordable monthly furnished housing easier.

About Bryan:

Co-founder and President of Furnished Finder. I’m excited and grateful to be in the position to help lead a growing web-based company in Denver, CO after an intensely rewarding 14-year career in healthcare. I’m surrounded by incredible people who keep me inspired and encouraged every day, and continually look for ways to challenge myself and put my family and company in the best possible position for success. 

About Cami:

Director Of Operations at Furnished Finder

The Gypsy Nurse Virtual Conference:

Please join us at The Gyspy Nurse for our Virtual Conference all this week: August 3rd – August 7th.

Sessions include:

  • Confidence is a Choice
  • Non-Traditional Travel Nurse Assignments
  • What’s so Funny About… COVID
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Push a Little in Hiking and Life.
  • Tax Home and Multi-State Issues
  • How to Live your Best Life as a Travel Nurse
  • Vanlife
  • Protecting Yourself from Online Housing Scams
  • Happy hour! 3 Easy Drinks to Make on the Road

Each session will be turned into an article and on our website to watch at your convenience within 24-48 hours of the time it went live. If you are looking for other sessions, please visit our Videos section on The Gypsy Nurse site. We hope you find these sessions helpful and fun!

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