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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

April 23, 2013



ScrubsMag: Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals (Review)

nurses gude to hospitalsI was recently approached by an employee of and asked to do a review of their newly launched Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals.  I’ve taken this opportunity to provide the following unbiased review for readers of

I’m a huge fan of the articles and resources that are provided by and a proud to have been asked for my opinion.

I’ve broken down the review format below and addressed what I feel are the useful aspects of these reviews for the travel nurse. 

Hospital Name
Hospital Address
Medical uniform stores nearby…  
This is a fabulous resource for the travel nurse.  As many hospitals are requiring a specific uniform color or requirement, it’s sometimes difficult to find a local scrub store. In addition, attempting to purchase a specific color uniform may be difficult in an area away from the hospital requiring it because they may not carry the specific brand or color. Not having to search for this resource is a time and energy saver for the travel nurse.

Hospital Facts

Grad Program:

Volunteer Opps for Nurses:

Residency Program:

Magnet Hospital:

Pathway to Excellence Hospital:

DAISY Award Participant:

Inspired Comfort Award Participant:
Many travel nurses look for specific accolades in the hospitals that they choose to work for.  This resource provides many of the hospital standings for the travel nurse to consider before accepting or even interviewing at a specific hospital.

Experience required for job applicants
As a travel nurse, knowing what the hospital requirements are for their staff allows for the travel nurse to know and understand the educational levels of the co-workers they will be working with at a specific facility.


  • Is the application process simple?

  • Do you have a lot of contact with HR during the application process?

  • Is this a good place to work?

  • Does this facility have a good nurse residency/new grad program?

  • Did HR get back to you quickly about their decision after you applied?

  • Does this facility have good nurse-to-patient ratios?

Knowing the hospital ratings by nurses that are working in the facility is very important and useful for the travel nurse. If the staff nurses are satisfied with the contact with HR on application, it’s foreseeable that the travel nurse will have a good experience as well.  When investigating nurse:patient ratios, knowing the staff satisfaction level can be very important.  Many times, what you are told in an interview about nurse:patient ratios isn’t necessarily a reflection of the ‘truth’ of day to day operations.

Overall employee satisfaction is an excellent indicator for the travel nurse as to the environment that you will be working.  If staff satisfaction is ‘high’ you will likely have a good experience. If overall staff satisfaction is ‘low’ this may indicate for the travel nurse that there are internal hospital issues that you should perhaps inquire about or at minimum, be alert of before accepting a contract.

In addition to the individual reviews, the search capabilities of the Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals is excellent.  You can sort the hospitals by:

  • City, State Zip

  • Top Overall Rankings

  • Best Place to Work

  • Best Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

  • Best Job Application Process

  • Best Residency Program

  • Most Discussed

I would love to hear my readers feedback on these hospital reviews.  What are your thoughts? Do you find the reviews helpful?  Is this a resource that you would utilize?


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