By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 27, 2013



A Gypsy Nurse Beach Bon Fire & Cookout

Gypsy BonfireGreat things are happening in the Travel Nursing Community. In an effort to promote travel nurse socialization and support, The Gypsy Nurse organizes events and Activities all over the Nation!

In addition to meeting other Gypsy Nurses and having a Great time, you can earn your Gypsy Bracelet and Charm by attending an Gypsy sponsored event!

Beach Bon Fire & Cookout ~ Mad River Beach

Arcata, CA

This event was organized by The Gypsy Nurse.

On arrival, there was a load of wood that needed brought to the Bon Fire site and I was thankful for the assistance of a random young man that graciously helped out!

Gypsy Nurses headed to the beach for a Traditional California Bon Fire and Cook-out… We had a great turnout and more food and drink than we could consume.

Being the welcoming and giving group that we are, we invited random beach-goers to join in with us.  We were joined by a local young girl who had biked out to the beach and was happy to warm herself by the fire in the damp foggy evening before she got back on her bike and rode home.  We were also joined by a vacationing family who’s daughter immediately fell in love with our Gypsy Dog ‘Fawn’.

We rounded out the group with 4 Travel Nurses, one spouse (who got to mark something off his ‘Bucket List’), one Gypsy Dog, 4 Random strangers and a little girl.


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