LTAC, Learn More About Them: Specialty Tips for Travel Nurses

By Gifted Healthcare

July 16, 2020



Learn More About LTAC

Russell Johnson, Chief Clinical Officer from Gifted Healthcare went Live on The Gypsy Nurse Facebook Fan Page.

He covered the following:

  • What is a Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) and the history of these hospitals
  • Overview of what a long term acute care setting is like
  • Learn what services are provided at an LTAC
  • Description of the long term acute care patient population
  • Details of the Qualifications and requirements of an LTAC Nurse
  • COVID-19 and how it impacts long term acute care hospitals
  • Q&A Russ started his nursing career in the MICU at Baptist Health in Little Rock, AR.

After two years of working on the floor, he launched R&D Medical Staffing.

He grew the company for six years before opening Cardiac Staffing, which focused on LTAC travel staffing around the country. Russ held many titles in the LTAC space from floor nurse to interim CNO positions.

Joining GIFTED Healthcare

Five years ago he joined GIFTED Healthcare as their Chief Clinical Officer and launched the agency’s long term acute care division. He takes pride in partnering with several different LTAC organizations across the U.S. to develop workforce strategies while keeping his nursing skills fresh by working the floor. Russ is an advocate for long term acute care nurses and applies his expertise to help perfectly match nurses in facilities where they can advance their nursing careers and thrive.

We hope you found this live event with GIFTED Healthcare helpful. If you have any questions about long term acute care or long term acute care facilities please feel free to comment them below or comment on the original video here and we will get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

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