Dog Days Of Summer: Sara Renwick and Cooper A Live Event

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Dog Days Of Summer: Sara Renwick

dog days of summer

Travel Nursing With My Dog, Cooper!

The Gypsy Nurse is excited to have Travel Nurse Sara Renwick go live during our Dog Days of Summer.  Sara will be discussing how she got started in her travel nurse career, the basics of traveling, having a dog while travel nursing, how you can have a sense of normalcy, and how to be healthy while being a travel nurse.

About Sara:

Hey y’all! My name is Sara. I’ve been an ER nurse for 7 years and a traveler for 2. I’m originally from the great state of Florida. I’m currently on my 7th assignment in San Francisco. I travel with my dog, Cooper. He makes traveling so much more fun. I love being a travel nurse because it makes my life feel like a vacation. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. You can follow my adventures and DM me with any questions @nurse_who_travels

Follow Sara’s #GypsyNurseAdventures on Instagram @nurse_who_travels

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