Nurses Week 2023: TGN's Celebration of Travel Nurses

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Nurses Week 2023

Nurse Week 2023: You Make a Difference

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Nurses Are the Heart of Healthcare!

Nurses bring vast knowledge and expertise to every healthcare setting across a wide range of specialties, serving your patients and communities throughout the continuum of life and care. Nurses truly make a difference in the world by influencing and shaping the healthcare industry.

The Gypsy Nurse wants to show our gratitude to nurses with a week filled with giveaways, live events, and kudos. Join in on the fun, celebrate with other travel nurses, and win amazing prizes with TGN Nurses Week Celebration, sponsored by: Fusion Marketplace.

Fusion Marketplace and The Gypsy Nurse

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With healthcare staffing jobs all over the country, Fusion Marketplace gives you the support and transparency you need to take charge of your career. Find the traveling healthcare jobs you’re looking for across multiple agencies with one search. Find your next assignment with Fusion Marketplace Today.

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Nurses Week 2023 Schedule of Events

May 6th | Nurses Week Kick-Off

Visit The Gypsy Nurse Network Group on Facebook for a special tribute to travel nurses from The Gypsy Nurse.

May 7th | Self-Care Sunday

Burnout is on the rise in nursing. Use these self-care tips to care for yourself so you can better care for others.

May 8th | Make a Difference Monday

Visit the Gypsy Nurse Network Group to hear impactful stories of how travel nurses change lives and make a difference.

May 9th | Truth Be Told

Learn about the common misconceptions you have heard about the travel nurse industry.

May 10th | What’s Your Why?

Tell us why you embarked on your nursing career in our Facebook Network Group

May 11th | Trivia Night

Get those wheels turning with fun nurse-related trivia hosted by TGN’s Community Manager, Rachel Altum, and Content Strategist, Amber Pickler. Engage and connect in The Gypsy Nurse Network Group for your chance to win a $100 gift card. Tune into the Gypsy Nurse’s Main Stage and/or social media platforms at 6:00p EST for a night of fun and games.

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May May 12th | Happy Hour

Grab your glass and celebrate with us with a virtual happy hour! Tune in to any of our TGN social platforms for delicious healthcare-inspired drink recipes:

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Nurses Week Gifts & Prizes

Win 1 of 2 $500 gift cards and a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 DOLAN scrub gift cards!


Register for Nurses Week with TGN to be entered in a drawing for one of two $500 gift cards and one of five $100 Dolan scrub gift cards!