Travel Nurses We Love: Nurses Week 2020

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Travel Nurses We Love: Nurses Week 2020


The Gypsy Nurse along with sponsor Titan Medical Group want to take this opportunity to celebrate and recognize some very special nurses for Nurses Week 2020 (May 6-12, 2020). For the past several weeks, we have asked our community to nominate a nurse who has gone beyond the call of duty during the novel coronavirus pandemic, nurses who’s stories and nursing journey represent the best of the nursing profession. To date, we have received dozens of incredible stories of compassion, sacrifice, heroism, and professionalism. Beginning May 6, and each day during Nurses Week, we will recognize and publish the story of a nurse who was nominated for their selflessness and willingness to give their all to their patients and their families. These stories may include those nurses whose treatment and relationships with patients have stood out, nurses who have willingly dropped everything to work a COVID-19 assignment to be on the front lines, and help those in desperate need. Some of these nursing stories may also include nurses who have overcome significant personal or professional challenges to serve as a nurse and still made a profound positive impact on their patients and colleagues in the nursing profession.

Please join The Gypsy Nurse and our sponsor Titan Medical Group in celebrating these special nurses and their unique stories on our website during Nurses Week 2020.


Taylor Nahoum

We received Taylor’s nomination from her fiancé Zachary.  Here is what Zachary had to say about Taylor: “I met Taylor in 2017. I didn’t know it then but she would later become my fiancé. She was a travel nurse in our MICU, where I happened to be a staff nurse. We began dating and then, in turn, started traveling together in February of 2018. While on our first assignment at OSU in Columbus, Ohio Taylor began experiencing daily headaches, coupled with dizziness and fatigue. She continued to work. Every day she would go to work with a smile on her face, though she was facing her own trials. She was later diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, but she never let it get in the way of continuing to care for her patients. Our next stop was Virginia, Mary Washington Hospital. We both continued to work in the ICU and cared for some very sick patients. One morning after work Taylor went to the ER for some abdominal pain, and in turn, discovered she had a rare tumor, called a Desmoid Tumor attached to her chest wall, and involving multiple ribs. For years Taylor had been complaining of chest pain, and the cause was finally determined. It was decided Taylor would need major surgery, but to get to that point the tumor needed to shrink to minimize the cosmetic defects associated with surgery. She had a lumpectomy to remove a portion of the tumor, then was to meet with a medical oncologist. Taylor was started on a combination of oral chemotherapy and NSAIDs, in hopes of shrinking or stabilizing the tumor. Despite all of these setbacks, she continued to work. Flash forward a few months to a new travel assignment, back at the hospital we met at. Taylor’s pain continued to worsen, and her tumor continued to grow. Despite all of this, she continued to work in the MICU caring for very sick patients. She began seeing a new team of Sarcoma Specialists at The Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital, where she would begin even harsher chemotherapy. During this new treatment, COVID-19 began making its rounds and the unknown began to surface. How would we be affected by this? Would we come down with the virus as well? Taylor worried and worried because with her immunocompromised status she knew there was a very strong chance she would get COVID-19. She still worked, though the side effects from her chemo and through the pandemic. We were both unlucky in the aspect that I contracted COVID from a patient, and in turn, gave it to Taylor. Now we’re recovered, and she’s been able to change her chemotherapy to a less harsh drug and will be able to resume a normal work schedule until the time comes for her to have surgery. I believe Taylor is a great example of a nurse who has persevered through all she’s been dealt with and continues to exhibit what it means to be a truly great nurse.”

k perkins nurses day 2 winner

K. Perkins

K. was nominated by her daughter.  Her daughter says “I Nominate my Mother for this much deserving recognition for Nurse’s week 2020. My Mother has been a nurse since 2005 and Is currently a traveling correctional nurse. She is always positive and hardworking. She always comes home and tells my sister and me stories about how the inmates at the jail she covered have thanked her for being so nice and how much they appreciated her treating them like humans and how she got respect back from them by just simply giving respect. When I, my sister and my Mother are out in the community doing things people will come up to her and thank her for her kindness and help. When I ask who that person was my Mother will just smile at me and say, “just someone that I have taken care of before but are on the right road now hopefully.”

My Mother has spent many holidays and hours away from us just to take care of other people’s family members and to provide for my sister and me. My Mother always goes above and beyond to help people and help find the good in people. So, to give thanks for all the hard work and dedication this Nurse’s week 2020 my nominee is my Mother. She Is beyond deserving of recognition!”


Iris Sanchez

Iris was nominated by a co-worker.  Her co-worker says “I would like to nominate Iris Sanchez; she demonstrates so much compassion in what she does that for her it is not considered “work” it is considered a way of life. Providing assistance and helping someone be well to reach their full potential is their life is her primary goal. Iris is not afraid to advocate for her patients by questioning orders and asking why. She is always reaching out to learn and understand the treatment plan and ways to help educate her patients in the best way possible. When asking her patients about her they always remember “the nurse with the smile, the nurse that made a difference in their life, the nurse that stood out from the rest, or that nurse that went above and beyond for me”. We had an elderly patient on our unit leaving to a nursing home the next morning, the patient had no family, no clothing but the gown from the hospital, Iris went out of her way after her shift and arrived with clothing for the patient to be ready for the transition. We have had some patients come back to the hospital who ask for Iris because of the compassion she has shown them. Although patient experience is important, have I mentioned her outstanding teamwork? She has been demonstrating the utmost quality of care and competency with her sweet IV skills becoming the go-to IV and lab draw nurse on our unit. Iris helped out wound care for a few months bringing her skill set to our unit helping us all learn from her and helping our patients get the care they needed. Stressful days happen to all, not only does she help her team members clinically she definitely helps them physically and mentally by feeding us snacks, bringing delicious coffee and food! She now works as a home health nurse, where she treats patients like family. They absolutely love her and the care she provides.

She is a true treasure of a nurse, keeping us united helps plan potlucks for any event thinkable she will make it perfect! A mom of three adorable kids, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, with the kindest of hearts demonstrating true excellence in every aspect!”


Jonathan V. Llamas, DNP, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC, PHN

Jonathan was nominated by his co-worker.  His co-worker said “I am writing to nominate my colleague Jonathan V. Llamas who is a fellow psych nurse/charge nurse.

I believe that he deserves to be recognized for this year’s Nurse’s Week because of his invaluable contributions to the mental health community and the nursing profession as a whole.

For as long as I have known Jonathan, he has always led by example. Jonathan is one of those nurses who lets his actions speak for himself.

Although Jonathan is one of the younger nurses at our hospital, he is a true leader and is highly respected by his superiors and colleagues alike. He is always early to work and takes it upon himself to not only ensure that his staff is working collaboratively but also his patients are safe and secure from unnecessary harm.

Jonathan took it upon himself to research the latest innovative de-escalation techniques which allowed him to stumble across the LOWLINE Model by Mike Lowry.

According to Jonathan, the LOWLINE model is a model that aims to educate nurses and other healthcare professionals on how to manage and de-escalate problematic and aggressive patients in the inpatient clinical setting effectively and safely.

Because of his commitment to improving patient care and staff safety, Jonathan organized a team and spoke with the hospital stakeholders in spearheading a new pilot program aimed at improving patient and staff relations while decreasing restraint rates as well. Once he received approval, Jonathan worked tirelessly and educated the nurses at the hospital so that they can begin implementing it on the pilot unit.

Since implementing his pilot project, the hospital has not only seen a decrease in seclusion and restraint rates but also a decrease in staff and patient injury as well.

In addition to this, other nurses are displaying better communication skills, and patients are becoming more receptive and respectful to staff sparking a culture shift that this organization has not seen for quite some time.

Jonathan has been such a positive and impactful force for our organization and he definitely deserves this recognition for doing what is right not only for the patient but also for the staff as well.

Because of this, I hope that through this nomination, more people will know about the type of nurse Jonathan is and just how much he means to the nursing profession.”

patty o

Patty O.

Patty was nominated by her recruiter.  Her recruiter says “Patty has been a nurse for over 24 years with experience as both a Staff RN and Travel RN. I have worked with Patricia for the past 4 years as her Travel Recruiter – In my opinion, she embodies what a perfect nurse would be. We have completed multiple assignments together where facilities go out of their way to ask for Patricia to please return. Every reference she receives is nothing but excellent. She knows that as a nurse it’s her job to lend a helping hand where facilities need her. She never ever complains and happily floats where help is most needed, no matter if she has to take temperatures outside of the hospital or float to a covid floor as a 60-year-old nurse. Patricia is compassionate and families love her. Co-workers and hospital staff love her. She’s the definition of a team player and cares more than anyone I know about being the best nurse she can be. For the past 20+ years, Patricia has been this way and has dedicated her career to helping others. I feel this would be such an honor for Patty and well deserved after many years of hard work and always having the best attitude despite what predicaments or situations she’s in. She is so loved and such an awesome person & nurse inside and out. Patricia will be retiring here soon and I feel that going out with a bang and her being honored for this award would make Patty the happiest person on planet earth! I would love for her to be considered for this award and am happy to provide anymore information regarding Patty :)”


Esohe Osaghae, MSN, RN-BC, CCM

Esohe was nominated by her friend.  Her friend says “I want to nominate a very special nurse who has been recognized for nursing excellence for being compassionate and selfless.

Most recently even during COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Esohe Osaghae was driving home from work in rush hour traffic when an elderly man traveling on the opposite side of the road lost control of his vehicle and slid into a ditch. Despite the heavy rain and being without an umbrella, Ms. Esohe Osaghae turned her car around and walked to the vehicle. When she got up close, she noticed that the man was dazed and appeared to be in shock. Unable to open the car doors, at this point drenched in rain, Ms. Osaghae reassured the elderly man through his window and called 911. She remained on the line with the emergency operator and dispatcher while providing the man comfort until EMTs arrived. She is a SHERO!! She saved that man’s life by making sure he was taken care of while putting her life at risk on a busy street.

Additionally, Ms. Osaghae continues to go into the clinic wearing a face mask while providing patient care. Mind you she is the mother of 5, YES FIVE little children and elderly parents she cares for after work. If anyone deserves NURSE of the year award, it’s Esohe Osaghae.”


Elizabeth McKeithen

Elizabeth was nominated by a co-worker. Her co-worker says “Elizabeth was my preceptor and mentor whenever I was transitioning to an intensive care unit. She’s currently working on our COVID ICU and has been handling the challenges that come with the COVID-19 with such high spirits, compassion, and focus. From the first moment I met her, she has been such an inspiration to me and I’ve noticed she’s an inspiration to many other nurses on our critical care team as well. The way her mind critically thinks just amazes me. In a way, she reminds me of nursing instructors, forcing you to think outside the box and questioning why this or why that. Liz is an awesome team player and there is nothing that she can’t do or will not learn to do. She’s a single mom in the midst of building a house and working two or three jobs (I’ve lost count). Even before the COVID-19 hit our hospital, Liz has always been flexible. If a nurse needed to float to another department, she didn’t mind going because she views it as an opportunity to learn. How she manages being a superhero nurse and an outstanding mom is completely beyond me. I think Liz definitely deserves recognition and I’m honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to someone so special.”

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