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Nurse of the Month


Now more than ever, nurses need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

With that being said, we will be extending our Nurses Week recognition by doing it all year long! Once a month, a nurse will be picked from the nominations submitted by their peers, recruiters, friends, family, or whoever wants to nominate them. These nominations will be giving recognition to a deserving nurse who has overcome adversity or who has gone above and beyond to take care of patients in need. Each nurse recognized by The Gypsy Nurse will receive a token of our appreciation and gratitude.

If you have a nurse you would like to nominate please click here for the nomination form.

Heather McCrackin

Heather was nominated by her husband. He says that “She has been an ER Nurse for 6 years but has gone to work at a small regional free-standing ER due to being in her Doctorate or Nursing Program and needing to spend more time focused on school. When Covid broke out and became very real in Houston she started networking to find out where she was needed the most. She accepted a four-week contract to work at Methodist Hospital in the Houston Medical Center specifically in their COVID ER.

She works 3-4 days per week about an hour away from where we live. In order to limit the chance of her bringing anything home with her and impacting myself or our two daughters, we have her staying in a hotel the nights that she works down there and she just brings her bag of soiled work clothes home and puts them right in the washing machine to run. Her face is rubbed raw from her PPE and her legs are like jello running around more than ever before.

I knew she was exhausted and working hard but just Saturday night after the kids went to bed she broke down crying. One of the patients she had did not make it through the night, as so many with COVID have not, in the room they sent him up to after getting him stabilized. She said the worst part is, his family couldn’t even be there. She said it’s so much harder to work in the Emergency room in a situation like this because not only is she the patient’s nurse, their advocate, but she is their family. She has to look them in the eyes and comfort them as a loved one would because she cannot be there.”

He also says “My wife is the definition of a hero. Not only does she do this job well and with integrity but she does it in the most needed ways. She saves her tears for home and then prepares for another week in the trenches. Heather did not just get stuck in this position because she worked there. She sought it out because she knew that her help was needed.”


heather nurse of the month

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