The Gypsy Nurse: Introducing our Nurse of the Month Winners

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2020 Nurse of the Month


Now more than ever, nurses need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

With that being said, we will be extending our Nurses Week recognition by doing it all year long, with our Nurse of the Month!  Once a month, a nurse will be picked from the nominations submitted by their peers, recruiters, friends, family, or whoever wants to nominate them. These nominations will be giving recognition to a deserving nurse who has overcome adversity or who has gone above and beyond to take care of patients in need. Each Nurse of the Month recognized by The Gypsy Nurse will receive a token of our appreciation and gratitude.

If you have a nurse you would like to nominate for Nurse of the Month please click here for the nomination form.

December 2020- Maci Feliz

Maci was nominated by a co-worker.  Her co-worker said, “Maci is a nurse that has always gone above and beyond for her patients. Not only is she an incredibly skilled nurse medically speaking, but she connects with her patients and ensures that they are healing emotionally as well. During this COVID crisis, she stepped up and really embraced the challenge of being a new charge nurse and volunteered to work on the COVID floor. She has grown as a leader and role model for many nurses that haven’t worked with more critical patients and take a lot of the heavier emotional burden for those nurses (ex dealing with tough family situations, tough working conditions, etc.). Keep up the good work, girl :)”

december nurse of the month

November 2020- Melody Blyth

Mel was nominated by one of her daughters.  Her daughter said “Mel goes over and beyond what is asked of her. She has such a big heart for her patients and for those she works among. Even in this time of Covid, she looks into her patient’s eyes with sorrow knowing how much fear they have in getting too close or catching the virus. She’s working hard to protect her patients. She’s held positions in administration fixing and cleaning up messes from those before her who didn’t follow guidelines. She works overtime if needed or if someone doesn’t show up. She’s slept at hospitals she’s worked at if they are short-staffed. She isn’t always recognized because she is often found leading the way & placing the recognition with those around her. She’s an amazing woman and gives to so many. Thank you for considering her for this recognition!

November nurse of the month

What Mel had to say:

Thank you again for choosing me for your nomination, I’m truly blessed with an amazing daughter to have reached out to your advertisement, also my other 5 kids that I’m sure would have done the same had they seen the nomination promotion.

October 2020- Brandy McGuire

A co-worker nominated Brandy.  Her co-worker says Brandy is likely the most dedicated, compassionate nurse I’ve ever worked with over my 10-year career as a recruiter. She has been working with me consistently since 2015 and ALWAYS receives an extension offer and/or gets asked to remain on staff.

Brandy is a true traveler because she seeks out adventure and looks to areas that need her help. She has worked in Rolla, ND, in the dead of winter and spend stifling summers in Plano, TX. She’s worked for me on both coasts and never has a negative attitude. Brandy is the embodiment of the elusive “perfect traveler” moniker. Not only is she receptive, flexible, and remains in constant communication with me, but she also takes ownership of her plans and lets me know what I can do to help her achieve her goals.

nurse of the month

Since she works in Oncology, Brandy should have an excuse to mope around and spout negativity due to all of the sadness and death to which she’s constantly exposed, but I have never heard a single negative word come out of Brandy’s mouth. If I could clone Brandy, I would never have to worry another day in my career as a recruiter. She stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the field. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of travelers over the last decade, and it’s not even close. Brandy, by a mile, is the best traveler (and person) that I’ve ever had the pleasure of recruiting. She deserves some recognition!

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