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532 Gibson Drive, Suite 100, Roseville, California, 95678
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The recruiters seem motivated, by this is the ONLY agency that will ask you for your social security number within 5 minutes of your conversation with them. Not sure what the Dept of Labor would say? But, NO ONE SHOULD EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER especially an agency your just applying to. And they NEVER have an adequate explanation for doing so. That information is filled in on legitimate documents, that should be sent via docusign. You should NEVER give your SS to anyone over the phone via Email or Text.
M Karter, Travel Nurse Anywhere
Absolutely love working for FlexCare Staffing! My recruiter, Kristin Lawrence, is absolutely amazing. She responds very quickly and always finds answers to any question I may have! She has been very supportive of me and she makes me want to stay with FlexCare because of how amazing she is!(I posted a similar review, but put in the wrong name information!)
JKeyes, RN Circulator Traveler
Kristin is an absolutely amazing recruiter! She responds very quickly and always lets me know when she is taking time off! She does not waste any time and has no problem looking into any question I have! I am so grateful to have her and she makes me want to keep working with FlexCare because of her outstanding performance!
Kristin Lawrence, Recruiter Roseville, California
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