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TotalMed refuses to pay contractual obligations
I am a travel nurse working a travel assignment through TotalMed. Prior to my contract start date of 09/21/2020, I was tasked to perform REQUIRED online modules, and told to keep track of the hours. I was provided with a time sheet for module work by TotalMed, kept track of the hours as instructed, and submitted the hours as instructed. After several submissions of the time sheet and no response, my recruiter, Devin Wright, (615) 533-9770,, finally told me TotalMed was not going to pay. I posted the situation on TotalMed's online support site and received an email from Director of Recruitment, Cameron Jeglum, (608) 235-3778, After all his flowery rhetoric, the answer was still the same, TotalMed is refusing to pay me 17 hours of wages. I have filed a claim with the California Labor Commission for wages legally, contractually owed me. I am not saying don't use TotalMed, but I am saying I am having to sue them to get paid. Make up your own mind. (843) 557-5922.
Douglas Borsich, RN
Fresno, CA
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