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Travel Nursing Jobs – RN Travel Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs

What makes The Gypsy Nurse Travel Nursing Jobs Feed different from all the others?

Unlike other job boards we respect our community and their personal information. Your information will not, nor has ever been repackaged and sold to agencies.
The only agency that will receive your information is the one you are applying to directly.
Your cell phone and email will not be inundated with hundreds of recruiters because you applied to one job on our site.

Jobs are updated twice daily to ensure you are applying to existing jobs not wasting your valuable time on jobs that are no longer available. (please report any violations to that policy so we can address them with the agency)
The system is designed to be clean and easy to use. No secondary applications on our side, we will ask for the basics and let you upload your resume. From there you will only have to provide the agency information they are seeking when you’re interested in a job.

Locate your dream travel nursing jobs today!