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What Others Are Saying About The Gypsy Nurse

What Others Are Saying About The Gypsy Nurse

[quote author=”Joseph Gira, Digital Strategy, Online Marketing, E-mail, CRM, Social Media and Marketing System Integration”]“Candy is a remarkable advocate of Travel Nursing. In such a short time, she has taken her experience as a travel nurse and passion for the industry and turned The Gypsy Nurse into a relevant resource for nurses across the country. She’s actively involved in industry events and is always willing and able to reach out and incorporate ideas from the community. Her expertise is self-evident in her works and is a reliable resource and colleague for travel nurses, hospitals and agencies. I’d highly recommend her any day of the week! October 9, 2013, ”[/quote]

[quote author=”Missy Pace, Travel RN at LRS Healthcare”]“Candy “Gypsy Nurse” has implemented and been a resource for travel nurses across the US. Over the last year I have seen her social network group bring over 1500 travel nurses into one area to share their experiences and expertise.   October 1, 2013[/quote]

[quote author=”Lori Mercer, Registered Nurse at Coshocton County Memorial Hospital”]“Candy is a awesome educator on travel nursing. She has put tons of hours and time into a great website for travel nurses, as well as a facebook page for all of us to share our experiences and dreams of travel nursing. She has answered thousands of questions about the profession, offered insight and has made sure that everyone was well informed.   September 30, 2013[/quote]

[quote author=”Vesper Patrick, Content Development at NurseTogether “]“The Gypsy Nurse is an excellent travel nurse resource providing valuable information on everything one needs to know about traveling. If you are a travel nurse or interested in traveling I highly recommend visiting the site.   January 30, 2013[/quote]

[quote author=”Jeff Long, Marketing Manager at Medical Solutions and  Member of Editorial Advisory Board at Healthcare Traveler Magazine”]“Gypsy Nurse provides a great resource for travel nurses. Her site is informative and fun. A must visit for travelers. January 4, 2013 ”[/quote]

[quote author=”Jenny Hellmann, Manager | Senior Healthcare Recruiter | Travel Nurse & Allied Travel Recruiter |Social Media Manager, Advantage RN”]“Working in the industry for over 16 years I can tell you Gypsy Nurse’s website is extensive and valuable for new and seasoned travelers. The substance and material on this site truly makes Gypsy Nurse an asset to the industry!”[/quote]

[quote author=”Phil Light, President, Professional Association of Nurse Travelers”]”Gypsy has created an excellent resource for nurses and other health care professionals. She has been an advocate for our profession for years and is a talented and valuable asset.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Nancy Paul, RN, BSN, Travel Nurse, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center”]“Gypsy Nurse has developed a website that is a great resource for information, networking, and support for traveling healthcare professionals and their recruiters. Thank you, Gypsy Nurse! Happy travels!”[/quote]

[quote author=”Kimber Savage, Student, National College of Natural Medicine”]“Gypsy Nurse has a wealth of pertinent information for nurses looking to transition into or learn more about travel nursing, or students wishing to dive into an exciting career as a travel nurse. She is a wonderful human – very easy going, fun to be with, a great travel companion and smart as a whip. Do yourself a favor and connect with her!”[/quote]

[quote author=”Epstein Larue  Owner, Highway Hypodermics”]”Gypsy Nurse’s website on travel nursing is a great resource for up to date travel nursing information! It is not only a learning tool, but has all the latest news. It’s nurses like Gypsy who share their experiences that make me proud to be a travel nurse!”[/quote]

[quote author=”Tiffany D., RN at Cross Country TravCorps“]”Gypsy has created a wonderful resource for traveling RN’s where she shares her wealth of knowledge free of charge. Gypsy has personally helped answer several questions for me via email. I highly recommend her services!”[/quote]