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The Gypsy Nurse Nurses Week

The Gypsy Nurse

Join us for Nurses Week 2021, where we will be going LIVE with travel nurses giving their best advice ALL WEEK LONG.  The Gypsy Nurse Team wants to give you

Live with Travel Nurses Across America


Covid-19 & The Vaccine! Join Travel Nurses Across America as we discuss travel nurses’ concerns with facilities asking them to take the vaccine. TNAA is always committed to supporting the


The Gypsy Nurse Fall Virtual Conference 2021: Travel Nurse 101


Lets Talk Travel Nursing, in this session we will discuss:
How much experience do I need and what kinds of facilities can I work at?
Who pays for my credentials and licenses?
Do I have any other fees?
How do I choose a good agency?
How do I know when I have a good recruiter, and how many recruiters should I have?
Support and Agency offerings (this bucket is huge)


The Gypsy Nurse Fall Virtual Conference 2021: Strategies for Nurse Leadership Resiliency


The purpose of this course is to deepen one's understanding of the complex nature of burnout and secondary trauma in order to identify how to apply effective strategies for well-being. Improvement strategies will focus on both the individual strategies needed to decrease burnout and improve personal resilience, but also strategies that can be implemented to improve organizational workplace culture to identify and improve sources of burnout.


The Gypsy Nurse Fall Virtual Conference 2021: Living As A Travel Nurse Minimalist


In September of 2019 we bought a van and started converting it into our home on wheels and we have been living in it full time for about a year and a half. Having our van has prevented burnout with moving and packing every three months and it allows us to maximize our time outside doing what we love on our days off.


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