Working During the Holidays as a Travel Nurse: Holiday Tips

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By trustaff

November 27, 2020



Working During the Holidays as a Travel Nurse

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As healthcare professionals, we all know that working during the holidays is just another part of the job. Most nurses are used to spending one or more of the big days at work. Being away from family and friends is always hard, but the 2020 holiday season will be even more challenging.

Regardless of how you’ll be celebrating, here are the top reasons you should take the plunge on a holiday assignment this year. There’s absolutely no better time to be taking a travel assignment than right now!

The new norm: Virtual celebrations

The holiday season is already set to be virtual for most of us. While it’s not what we were hoping for, it’s the new norm for the foreseeable future. For travelers, the bonus of this new virtual world is that you can easily be included in far-away gatherings without as much “FOMO” (fear of missing out). You’ll be attending virtually just like everyone else, so now’s the perfect time to take a winter assignment. When you’re not working, join a Zoom meal with your family or have a virtual happy hour with your friends! Many places are adapting to carry out-only tactics by offering holiday meals to go –treat yourself to a nice meal and for a virtual gathering with family and friends doing the same.

Santa, all I want for Christmas is… $$$!

One of the best parts of working over the holidays is the cash! Right now, rates are already increased due to Covid-19, but if you work this winter, you’ll also bank holiday pay. The light at the end of the tunnel for every nurse working a holiday shift—knowing you have a little extra cash in your pocket. And did we mention the OT?! Working during the holidays not only helps your patients and coworkers, but right now, it can also help you pad your piggy bank to make a stress-free transition into the New Year.

Explore a different destination than you’re used to

When we think holidays, we usually think cold winter wonderland–but not everyone is built for snow. You can easily find a warm destination to avoid the freeze; a Florida or California-beach view on New Year’s sounds pretty nice to us! If you do like the cold winter wonderlands, try the snowcapped mountains of Colorado or Salt Lake City. Right now, your options are truly unlimited. There are so many needs for travelers all over the US, and with a year full of unexpected change, there’s no reason not to broaden your horizons and try somewhere new.

Nurses are in urgent need

Of course, the most important factor right now is that nurses and healthcare professionals are in urgent need all across the country. Patients and local caregivers need your helping hands, and experienced travelers bring an instant boost to the community. You became a nurse to care for others, and right now, the public truly needs your skills and compassion like never before.

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