Why You Should Bring Your Travel Nurse Partner on Your Assignment

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By Cross Country Nurses

February 12, 2020



Why You Should Bring Your Travel Nurse Partner Along on Your Next Assignment

This article provided by: Cross Country Nurses

Are you a travel nurse who is thinking about bringing your travel nurse partner on an assignment, or wondering whether that’s even possible?

Well, first of all, it’s totally possible and secondly, we highly recommend it! The process and logistics of traveling together become easier when you have a recruiter you know and trust, and who knows you, as well. Just tell your recruiter you want to travel with your partner and he or she will try to find a facility with openings for both of you. It’s easier than you may think.

There are a number of reasons to bring your partner with you when you travel, but when your partner is a travel nurse, the reasons only multiply.

Here are some of our favorites that you might not have considered before:

You Can Explore New Cities and States Together

If you and your travel nurse partner typically travel separately, it can be hard work to keep your bond as strong as you’d like it to be. Plus, you’re seeing all kinds of new things and having new experiences that you probably wish you could share with him or her. Well, when your partner travels with you, you can! During your downtime, you can explore the coffee shops, bookstores, bars, art galleries, parks, sports and concert venues and so much more, together. You may even want to create a unique hashtag that you can use to organize your photos by each new travel location on social media.

Homesickness Will Become a Thing of the Past

Travel nurses are drawn to exploring unknown territory, when it comes to both clinical settings and geographic locations. Unfortunately, sometimes a downside to that can be loneliness. You begin to miss the loved ones you leave behind, especially if you are on assignment somewhere without much to do. When your significant other comes with you on assignment, however, you’ll have so much less to miss about being home. Additionally, loneliness has been shown to have negative effects on your physical and mental health, so bringing your significant other has health benefits, as well.

Your Assignment May Be More Successful

This is probably obvious, but if your partner is with you on assignment, you aren’t missing them throughout the duration of your contract. This means you’ll probably be in a good mood, getter better sleep and make smarter choices when it comes to eating and exercise. Or maybe the opposite is true: you’ll eat tons of restaurant food and never have time to exercise! But the point is, you’ll be happier and that will carry over into your work life, which means your assignment will definitely be more successful.

You May Be Able to Double Your Housing Stipend

If your partner is also a travel nurse, you may be able to double your housing stipend if you both work for agencies that provide them. Why not rent a swanky apartment in a hip area of town and be within walking distance to all the action? Or maybe you just want to live somewhere with more square footage or in a more luxurious building or neighborhood. If splurging on a fancy apartment isn’t really your thing, you could use the opportunity to save some extra money but putting one of your stipends in the bank. The rules regarding housing stipends can vary between agencies, so make sure you clarify your options with your recruiter before you sign a lease.

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