[Video] Senator Walsh Apologizes for Cards Remark

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

April 24, 2019



[Video] Senator Walsh Apologizes

Senator Maureen Walsh apologizes to Nurses in regards to her remarks.

The nursing community outrage continued over statements about nurses ‘playing cards’ even after the Senator’s apologizes. Comments of “she made it worse..” and that “…an apology is no longer an apology when a qualifier is added on to it.” continue to abound in the nursing communities.

Even given the fact that Senator Walsh has agreed to follow a nurse has not silenced the angry comments.

Nurses send over 1700 Decks of cards

In addition to calls and emails, many nurses took the initiative to send Senator Walsh a deck of cards. It’s reported that more than 600 Decks of Cards have been received to be delivered to Senator Walsh.

Update on Bill HB1155

Some good has come out of the visibility of this issue. Nurses nationwide made their voices heard by emails and phone calls. As a result, Bill (HB 1155) passed the Washington State Senate Wednesday with an agreement to get rid of the eight-hour maximum shift limit. You can see the progress of Bill HB 1155 here.

Message from The Gypsy Nurse Founder

As the founder of an extensive social network for travel nurses, I would like to ask that we continue to remain professional in all of our responses to these issues.

We have a huge voice, and by using it collectively and professionally, we CAN garner change that can benefit both the nurse and the patient.

Candy Treft, RN Founder of TheGypsyNurse.com

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